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Date27 Jul 2021

Reacting To a Car Accident: What To Do

A car accident can take you by surprise, shaking you up and making it hard to think straight. After the collision, it can be easy to skip steps, but yFrederick MD auto accident lawyersou need to take the necessary precautions to ensure you can file a claim in the near future. To get your life back to normal quicker, here’s what to do after the accident. Make sure to go through this checklist so that you don’t leave any critical step out. Be sure to call Frederick MD auto accident lawyers for further help.

Call Emergency Services

Police should know about the accident, even if it is a small one. By getting an officer to the scene, you’ll have an opinion outside the parties who were involved in the crash. The officer can assess the situation and declare who was at fault, which can help with insurance later. They can send an ambulance, too, if someone is badly hurt.

Swap Info

Get the other driver’s information, including who they are and what insurance they use. You may need to file a claim with their insurance, so you want to get that information before you both drive off. Questions about the accident can arise later that you need to clarify with them, so contacts are a must.

Notify Insurance

Tell your insurance right away about the accident, even if it isn’t your fault. They always need to know about a collision, as the other driver’s insurance may reach out to them. Your insurance should hear about it from you first.

Check Filing Deadlines

States have different deadlines for filing an insurance claim. The average timeline is two years, but yours may be shorter or longer. Check your state laws to see when you need your claim submitted by. If you pass the deadline and try to file later, you will have little success getting compensated.

File a Claim

When you’ve assessed all your injuries and damages, it’s time to file a claim. Talk to insurance about the paperwork you need to fill out and the information to include. Take enough time for all injuries to emerge so that you can claim them. This part can be complex, and it may be in your best interest to consult with Frederick MD car accident lawyers. 

See a Lawyer

Not everyone needs to see a lawyer after an accident, but it can help your situation immensely. If you aren’t sure, get a consultation with one to see if you might benefit from their services. You should definitely reach out to Frederick MD car accident lawyers if your claim has come to a grinding halt and you are unable to get compensated.


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