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Former Trainer Sues Antonio Brown for Raping Her

Date13 Sep 2019

Former Trainer Sues Antonio Brown for Raping HerBritney Taylor has filed a lawsuit against New England Patriots player Antonio Brown, claiming he raped her on three separate occasions.

Taylor, who used to be Brown’s trainer, said Brown exposed his penis to her and then forcibly grabbed and kissed her in the first incident at his home in June 2017.

“Because her professional relationship with Brown was important and because she took it seriously, Ms. Taylor willed herself to brush off the episode, hoping that Brown would stop pursuing her,” the lawsuit states.

Later that month, Brown allegedly started masturbating behind Taylor and ejaculated on her back as two were watching a church service on an iPad.

Brown sent a text message to Taylor the following March, apologizing to her for reasons he didn’t specify. She told him that she would come back as his trainer if he promised not to sexuall pursue her anymore.

In May 2018, Brown, Taylor and a few friends went to a Miami nightclub. The suit states that Taylor drove Brown and another football player back to Brown’s home. Taylor went inside his home to use the bathroom and get food before returning to her hotel.

According to the lawsuit, Brown “cornered her and pulled her down on the bed on her stomach, pushing her face down into the mattress” as she got up to leave. Then, Brown allegedly proceeded to rape Taylor and told her that she wanted it. She shouted “no” and “stop.”

Taylor went back to Brown’s house the following day to get her belongings and told him that they needed to talk about last night.

“He replied, ‘You made me feel like a real rapist,’” the lawsuit states.

Taylor has since stopped working with Brown and has “near-daily panic attacks, frequent suicidal ideations, and insomnia” in addition to losing 30 pounds in a month.

“It has been extremely difficult for her to process that Brown could betray and violate her so completely,” the lawsuit states. “Brown devastated her sense of self, made her question her worth as a woman and human being, and caused her to question whom she could trust.”


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