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Finding a Safe Ride Home After Having a Good Time

Tysons, VA DUI lawyers have the helpful insight you need

Tysons VA DUI lawyersTysons, VA DUI lawyers know all too well that many people enjoy getting together with family and friends, then having a couple drinks to unwind. Perhaps a celebration is in order, whether a birthday, engagement, wedding, promotion or something else, bonding and chatting over drinks can be a popular choice. Part of this activity means finding a safe way home after having a good time, so someone does not have the temptation to drive while still drunk at the end of the night. Sadly, there are a percentage of people who believe they are capable of driving, when they are in fact actually quite intoxicated. Tysons, VA DUI lawyers will inform you that there is something about having even a drink or two that can greatly hinder a person’s ability to judge themselves accurately. It does not take much alcohol for function impairments to start occurring within the body system of someone who is drinking.

In the article here, we have discussed further the issue of driving while intoxicated, and how you can respond if you become a victim of a drunk driving accident.

What are other ways someone can get home if they become too intoxicated?

While many people do not like the idea of having to pick up their car the next morning, getting a different way home instead of driving while drunk has the potential to save lives. Tysons, VA DUI lawyers strongly suggest finding alternatives to getting home. There are multiple backup plans for a safer way home after a night out, including the following:

  • Call for an Uber or cab to pick you up
  • Download a ride-sharing app on your phone
  • Consider taking public transportation
  • Hitch a ride with someone who was the designated sober driver
  • Call a friend or family member who was not at the party
  • Crash at the person’s house until you have slept off the alcohol

How do I know if I am not able to drive yet?

If you have to guess whether or not you are sober, then you likely aren’t yet. Tysons, VA DUI lawyers will likely tell you it’s always safer if you’ve had anything to drink to avoid getting behind the wheel.  Familiarize yourself with blood alcohol content (BAC) calculations. This can help you determine how long you should wait before driving based on your height, weight, age and how many drinks you’ve had within a certain period of time. If you get into the driver’s seat and immediately feel like you have to roll down the windows to get fresh air, you should get out of the car right away. When people are drunk, they may feel an urge to get air in order to help cool down a flushed face and warmed body system due to the alcohol, according to Tysons, VA DUI lawyers.

What if I get hit by a drunk driver?

Drunk drivers can have a tendency to drive erratically and unpredictably. So if you are ever hit by a drunk driver you should never hesitate to call for an ambulance and law enforcement. An officer can handle the situation while you get your medical needs met. Then, you may want to make an appointment with an attorney in your area, to find out how to seek compensation from the drunk driver for your financial losses.

If you or someone you love has been hit by an intoxicated driver, it may be in your best interest to reach out to Cohen & Cohen, P.C. to set up a free consultation with Tysons, VA DUI lawyers.

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