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File a Personal Injury Claim After a Sports Injury

Learn how a personal injury lawyer Maryland trusts can help you after suffering from a sports injury.

personal injury lawyer MarylandAnytime someone engages in sports activities, there are some associated risks that may require a personal injury lawyer Maryland residents rely on. Whether playing in a sports league or for fun competition, most players accept the risks of the game. Injuries can occur within the realm of these associated risks; however, injuries can also occur as a result of another party’s negligence.

If you have been injured during sports activities and believe another party is at fault, then you may have grounds for a personal injury case. It is important to know the facts regarding compensation for sports injuries before moving forward with a case. An experienced personal injury lawyer in Maryland can review your case and help determine your options moving forward.

Preparing a Claim with an Insurance Company

When pursuing legal action after a sports injury, you will typically file a claim with the insurance company of the responsible party. This claim will detail the accident, your injuries and the damages you intend to recover. It is imperative to be fully prepared and have the necessary requirements met before filing a claim with the insurance company.

  1. Document the Accident: A successful claim requires proof of the accident, as well as the cause of the accident. Immediately following the accident, any personal injury lawyer in Maryland will tell you that you should take pictures, videos and notes of the scene of the accident and the accident itself if possible. For example, if you tripped while playing basketball because of a hole in the court, you should take pictures of the hole and its surroundings and your injuries. It is wise to write down a sequence of events detailing the accident in order to preserve your testimony.
  2. Gather Witness Testimony: If there were people around at the time of the accident, having their testimony of the events can add necessary credibility to your claim. You should have them write down or video what they witnessed along with their signature and the date so that a personal injury lawyer in Maryland can help you use this testimony as evidence.
  3. Obtain Medical Records: After your injury, you should seek medical attention to get the necessary treatment needed. Not only is this vital to the recovery of your injuries, but it is necessary to have medical documentation that proves your injuries. You will likely need to obtain any medical records pertaining to the sports injury, as well as written documentation from your physician that states the nature and extent of your injury.

Dealing with the Insurance Company

After you have prepared your claim, you will file the claim with the insurance company within the specified period detailed by the insurance policy and state law.

  • A personal injury lawyer in Maryland may remind you that the insurance company will require you to fill out a claim form that will be provided. The form should be completed in a precise manner, free of errors and mistakes.
  • After receiving and reviewing your claim, the insurance company will likely investigate the contents of the claim, to verify proof and validity.
  • They are more than likely to ask to interview you about the claims made and the accident itself.

An insurance company aims to make money, not lose it. So, throughout their investigative process, they will be searching for even the slightest mistakes that may undermine the claim, such as insufficient proof or statements. This allows them to limit the compensation you are capable of receiving. Without proper legal representation, these types of mistakes can easily happen and hurt your case.

An experienced personal injury lawyer Maryland residents count on can help you make a strong, solid claim and will represent you and help you navigate the legal process throughout the duration of the case. Do not hesitate to reach out to Cohen & Cohen, P.C. and will set you up with someone to negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf to improve your chances of winning a fair settlement.

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