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FAQs for Commercial Truck Accidents

A skilled truck accident lawyer Reston, VA residents trust has the answers

truck accident lawyer Reston, VAA truck accident lawyer Reston, VA residents count on knows all too well that one of the worst and most dangerous types of crashes that can happen is a commercial truck crash. The massive size and weight of these types of vehicles often lead to devastating injuries for victims and far too often, they do not survive their injuries.

What are the different types of trucks on the road that are classified as commercial trucks?

Tractor-trailers: These vehicles are also referred to as big rigs, semis, and 18-wheelers. They are used for hauling cargo and freight. Tractor-trailers have a high center of gravity which makes them more at risk for rollover accidents than other vehicles. They also have many blind spots which make it difficult for the truck driver to see other vehicles traveling around them.

Tankers: These vehicles transport gases and liquids, many of which are classified as hazardous materials. An experienced truck accident lawyer from Reston, VA will likely inform you that these vehicles are also at high risk of rollover crashes because of the way they are shaped. Crashes with tankers hauling hazardous materials can be extremely dangerous because these substances can either burst into flames or release toxins into the environment, putting many people at risk.

Flatbeds: Flatbed trucks use a long and open trailer to transport cargo. Unfortunately, because of this openness, this cargo often becomes dislodged because of the failure to properly secure it while loading.

Dump Trucks: Dump trucks, as well as garbage trucks, are often traveling in residential neighborhoods, putting not only other vehicle occupants at risk, but also putting pedestrians and cyclists at high risk of injuries, as well. A truck accident lawyer in Reston, VA will generally inform you that these vehicles are usually top-heavy due to the loads they are transporting and this often causes the vehicles to tip over in a crash. The loads they carry can also cause problems for other drivers with falling debris.

What are the different types of truck accidents that occur?

Jackknife: When the trailer of the truck skids outward, creating a 90-degree angle against the front of the vehicle’s cab, in the shape of a jackknife.

Rollover: When a truck driver loses control, the vehicle can slide and roll over onto its side, often landing on other vehicles or pedestrians. In these cases, it is especially important to hire a truck accident lawyer from Reston, VA.

Tire Blowout: Any tire blowout is dangerous, but when a vehicle this size has a blowout, it can be deadly.

Blind Spots: Commercial trucks have multiple blind spots which prevent the truck driver from seeing other vehicles when turning or changing lanes.

Swinging Turn or Wide Turn: Truck drivers sometimes swing too far left when they are making a right-hand turn, which can cause them to smash into other vehicles.

Rear-End: It takes a truck more stopping distance than other types of vehicles when braking. When a truck driver fails to stop in time and rear-ends another vehicle, the result is often fatal to the occupants in the vehicle they slam into.

Under Ride: If a truck stops suddenly, the vehicle behind them can become stuck under the truck’s trailer if that driver is not able to stop in time. These crashes are almost always fatal.

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