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Essential Gear for Safe Riding

Bicycle accident lawyers Tysons, VA residents trust have the important insight you may need

bicycle accident lawyers Tysons VABicycle accident lawyers Tysons, VA residents trust know all too well that many bicyclists have a deep love of “gear.” First and most obviously, they love their bikes. They are likely constantly eyeing a new bike, a lighter bike, a faster bike, a mountain bike, or any number of other rides for commuting or entertainment. The rider in your life may also have a fascination with technology-related gear such as GPS trackers, heart rate monitors, elevations guides, or other data-driven gear to help them understand more about their rides. One type of “gear” that may fall by the wayside, however, is safety gear. How long has it been since the rider in your life replaced their helmet? Do you know what they carry with them on their ride? Do you know if they have a plan for what to do in the case of a crash? Here are a few quick tips from bicycle accident lawyers in Tysons, VA about essential gear for safe riding:


  • Helmet: Many states and localities require cyclists to wear a helmet while riding, and for good reason. Head injuries can be among the most serious type of injuries, resulting in loss of consciousness, brain damage, paralysis, and death. Wearing a helmet is a simple way to avoid many of these horrible outcomes in the event of a crash. Even if the rider in your life always wears a helmet, encourage him or her to check out new helmets occasionally. Helmets can get damaged by sun and heat exposure and the fit may get worse over time. Additionally, helmet manufacturers are constantly improving on their technology to make riding safer and, according to bicycle accident lawyers in Tysons, VA, it’s important to keep up with these improvements.



  • Lights and Reflective Material: It is important that your rider have and use safety lights and reflective gear on their bikes and clothing. Even if a rider does not plan to be out at night, plans can change and, especially in the case of an emergency, it is important that cyclists remain highly visible. There are any number of useful and sleek-looking lights for bicycles and reflective clothing for bikers. Encourage the rider in your life to purchase and use lights and reflective gear and to evaluate whether any old lights need to be replaced or upgraded. Likewise, a skilled bicycle accident lawyers in Tysons, VA will likely inform you that reflective clothing can become less functional over many washes, and may need to be replaced.



  • Water: This is one that the rider in your life probably has covered, but make sure that they have a water bottle that they like and that attaches easily and securely to their bike. Staying hydrated on rides is essential for health and safety. A dehydrated or heat exhausted rider can suffer heat stroke or can suffer from impaired decision-making. Similarly, it is important for riders to have a plan to refill their water bottles on longer rides.



  • Emergency Pack: Bicycle accident lawyers from Tysons, VA strongly recommend that cyclists carry a small lightweight pack that contains their phone, identification, insurance information, paper, and something to write with. These items will be especially important in the event of a crash. The phone is to be used to call for emergency assistance. Remind the rider in your life that their first call in the event of a crash should be to 9-1-1 if it involves a collision with a motor vehicle so that a police report can be filed. The identification and insurance information is to be used in the event the rider needs to seek emergency medical treatment. Finally, the pen and paper is to use to write down the name of any person who was either involved in the bicycle accident or who witnessed the crash. The paper and pen can also be used to record insurance information from a driver involved in a crash and to take down the name of the responding police officer.


Make sure the rider in your life is not just focused on gear that will improve their ride. Make sure that they are also focused on the gear that can save their life and protect them in the event of a crash.

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