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Escalator Accidents

Finding an Escalator Accident Lawyer in Virginia, Washington D.C., or Maryland


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    Escalator Accidents

    Finding an Escalator Accident Lawyer in Virginia, Washington D.C., or Maryland

    Looking for an escalator accident lawyer in Washington, D.C., Maryland, or Virginia? Escalators are inherently nerve wracking. As an escalator transports a passenger from one floor to the next at about one to two feet per minute, there are many things that can go wrong and prevent the passenger from landing safely on the next floor. Although there are many more elevators than escalators operating in the United States, injuries involving escalators happen fifteen times more frequently than injuries involving elevators.

     Escalator Accident Lawyer Many different types of accidents can happen on escalators that cannot happen on elevators because escalators do not enclose their travelers while in motion, and because escalator design includes many different entrapments. The injuries frequently obtained on an escalator include falling accidents, accidents involving shoes or clothing getting caught between the stationary skirt on either side of the moving steps and the moving step, body parts or clothing getting caught in the comb plate at the stationary platform at the end of the escalator, injuries obtained due to clothing or body parts becoming entrapped in the moving handrail, and injuries obtained from missing or broken steps in the escalator.

    Our Escalator Accident Attorneys Will Advocate For You

    If you or someone dear to you has obtained an injury from a malfunctioning or even correctly functioning escalator, you need the professional personal injury lawyers Washington DC trusts to advocate for you. Falling off or down an escalator due to a stopped handrail or malfunctioning stairs is the most frequently incurred injury involving escalators. Because this type of fall is indicative of a lack of routine maintenance, these types of falls often result in successful litigation. In some types of falls, the property owner and the designing architect are to blame for your injury. If you suffered an accident as a result of a faultily designed escalator, such as a fall between the side of the escalator and a wall, the designing architect could be held responsible for failing to design adequate guarding mechanisms.

    Escalator accidents are becoming extremely common in the United States, especially with children and the elderly. This trend might indicate a growing lack of attention to the potential dangers of escalator design. If you or someone you care about was injured on an escalator because attention was not paid to passenger safety, especially children’s safety and the safety of the elderly, you should stand up to the negligence of the architect who designed the escalator and property owner who is willing to purchase an unsafe escalator.

    Escalator design will continue to disregard safety concerns if the passengers who are injured on escalators do not bring their concerns to the designers. Elevator accidents are exceptionally disturbing and can be devastating physically and financially. The good news is that by bringing a lawsuit against the person responsible for your escalator accident, you can get one step closer to closure with your accident and have your medical bills covered by the person at fault. Don’t wait any longer to have an evaluation done by Cohen & Cohen and find out how much you might be entitled to.


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