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DWI Lawyer College Park MD

Cohen & Cohen LawyersWhen searching for a capable DWI lawyer College Park MD can seem like an intimidating place. The Washington DC metro area is filled with lawyers, many of whom have expansive practices that can provide legal counsel for a variety of different situations. But when you’ve sustained a serious injury in an accident caused by a drunk driver, you may benefit from searching specifically for a law firm that handles personal injury cases.

There are several factors that could make a DWI accident case very different from other car accident cases. While it’s not absolutely necessary to seek counsel from a DWI lawyer College Park MD can provide immediately after being involved in an accident, it is important to make sure that you don’t miss a detail that jeopardizes your claim. Every accident involves unique factors and therefore each accident claim or lawsuit should be treated with care.

If you’re wondering about whether or not you should hire a DWI lawyer College Park MD trusts for your own case, here’s a quick look at how a DWI accident might complicate an injury claim:

It’s possible for an insurance company to deny or limit coverage for a driver who drives under the influence.

This can be problematic not only for the policyholder but also for any victims who would be submitting claims to the insurer. Some insurance companies may try to argue that if a driver intentionally consumes a controlled substance before operating a vehicle, he/she is knowingly committing a crime and therefore the insurer should not have to provide coverage for any damage that results.

As an accident victim, this situation could create numerous problems and may require the aid of a top DWI lawyer College Park MD has to offer. Insurance policy regulations may limit an accident victim’s ability to file a lawsuit against the driver, particularly if the state operates based on “no fault” insurance coverage. For the states that operate based on “fault” coverage, it can still be costly to wait for the driver to file a lawsuit against his/her own insurer, and then to file your own claim or lawsuit for compensation.

Drunk driving accidents have the potential of causing catastrophic damages.

This isn’t always the case, but data shows that alcohol-related car accidents tend to produce more severe injuries and fatalities than accidents not involving alcohol. Drunk drivers may be more prone to speeding, making sudden turns, or failing to notice traffic signs. All of these factors can lead to extensive personal injuries and property damage, not only for the driver but also for any other victims on the road.

The problem with costly accidents is that, as an accident victim, you may find that the total cost of your injuries go beyond what you can claim from the insurance provider. It might be necessary to file a personal injury lawsuit to claim additional financial damages if the insurer is unwilling to pay a fair settlement.

An experienced DWI lawyer in College Park MD will know how essential it is to fight for a settlement that is high enough to meet your basic expenses. These expenses can include everything from current medical bills to psychological trauma imposed by the accident. Accident victims often need to take time off from work to recover, which may lead to lost wages (or even loss of employment in the worst case scenarios).

An extremely severe injury may have lifelong disabling consequences. An accident victim who sustains a disabling injury, for example, might not be able to return to the same career he/she once held. This might lead to a job that pays a lower salary, which leads to years of lost income and may even affect savings or retirement plans. This individual might experience an overall loss of enjoyment of life in addition to physical pain. An accident victim who sustains this type of injury might easily collect a settlement worth hundreds of thousands of dollars; a fair injury settlement considers past, present, and future costs.

There may be two separate cases: one for criminal court, and one for civil court.

This is because DUI is considered a criminal court matter, but a personal injury claim is considered a civil court matter. An individual who is truly a victim of a drunk driver would not face criminal charges but may still be called to testify in court because the other driver would be facing charges. It is not the responsibility of the injured accident victim to seek criminal charges against the driver, but the injured victim may still benefit from receiving legal counsel from a DWI lawyer College Park MD respects if he/she is called to testify.

The outcome of the defendant’s criminal case should not affect the outcome of a civil suit settlement in a negative way. However, if the defendant is found guilty of DUI in criminal court, this might benefit a victim who is seeking a settlement though a civil suit. It can easily become a complicated matter for an accident victim to manage so many legal proceedings, and this alone may be reason enough to seek counsel from a DWI lawyer College Park MD residents depend on.

Find a DWI Lawyer College Park MD Residents Trust

When you need a College Park MD DWI lawyer who truly operates with your best interests in mind, Cohen and Cohen, P.C. should be your first call. Our law firm understands that DWI accidents can be particularly complex and may require extensive care from a capable lawyer. Our clients know that they can turn to our firm for legal counsel after a DWI accident because we have successfully provided counsel in similar cases in the past.

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