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DWI Car Accident Attorneys on Your Side Through Every Stage of Your MD Case

DWI Lawyer District Heights, MD

DWI lawyer District Heights MDA car accident with an impaired driver can change your life in a fraction of a second, and can result in the need for a DWI lawyer District Heights, MD accident victims and their families can rely on.

Injuries or a tragic and untimely death can be especially hard to cope with if the accident was the result of a negligent driver who was driving while intoxicated or under the influence. In the best case, you will be uninjured, but you will still certainly spend time and money repairing your vehicle, talking to insurance companies, and finding alternate transportation. In worse case scenarios, you may experience serious pain or disability, lose your car completely, and be out of work for an extended period of time; or in the worst case scenario, you lose a loved one. In any of these scenarios, and for all of the scenarios in between, you may need a competent, caring, and professional DWI lawyer from District Heights or the area of MD where your accident happened, to help you get back on your feet.

Although an accident can change your life in a fraction of a second, resolving a personal injury case takes time. The law firm of Cohen & Cohen, P.C. have over 25 years experience representing people in situations that are similar to yours with personal injury lawsuits involving car crashes. They have seen first hand the life-altering effects of car accidents and they know how to help at all stages of your claim.

First, the attorneys at Cohen & Cohen, P.C. will be there to help you talk to your insurance company and the insurance company of the other driver. Remember, insurance companies do not usually have your best interest in mind. They are concerned about their bottom line, not about helping you get back on your feet. A DWI lawyer at Cohen & Cohen, P.C. who is licensed to practice in District Heights and throughout MD, knows what to expect from insurance companies and knows how to help your claim get the attention it deserves.

Second, Cohen & Cohen, P.C. has a DWI lawyer who is licensed to practice in District Heights, MD, Washington, DC, and Virginia. He or she will be willing and able to use their knowledge to help you file a lawsuit to seek compensation from the other driver. They know how to defend your case and know what you may be able to recover for damage to your vehicle, injury to your body, and for any time you may have missed from work.

Third, the attorneys at Cohen & Cohen, P.C. are skilled negotiators. They know how to respond to settlement offers and know strategies to help you get a good outcome from any settlement negotiation. The attorneys at Cohen & Cohen, P.C. also know how to evaluate your case and will help you understand its value, as well as advise you regarding how and when to settle.

Fourth, the lawyers at Cohen & Cohen, P.C. are experienced litigators and most likely have a DWI lawyer who will be well suited to your District Heights, MD personal injury claim. Although settlement is often the most efficient way to get you compensation for your claim, sometimes it is not possible. If your case goes to trial, the attorneys at Cohen & Cohen, P.C. are ready to be your advocates in court. They know the local courts, judges, and defense attorneys, and they know how to make a strong case to the judge and jury.

If you have been in a car crash that was caused by someone else, consider calling the attorneys at Cohen & Cohen, P.C. today. Through every stage of your case, the experienced, competent, and caring attorneys will be there, fighting on your behalf.

For a DWI lawyer District Height, MD accident victims and their families recommend, contact Cohen & Cohen, P.C. for a free case consultation and evaluation.

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