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DUI Lawyer Hyattsville MD

DUI LawyerIf you are stressed and in fear of having just been accused of driving while under the influence of alcohol or a substance that can impair one’s abilities, an experienced DUI lawyer Hyattsville MD residents recommend may be of help to you.

Whether you were out socializing and had just a sip or more than you should have- or you were not aware of the potential side effects a medication that was prescribed to you by a medical doctor- or have no recollection of what you were doing before you had to talk to a law enforcement officer or other safety authority- a person can be charged with a DUI (driving under the influence) or a DWI (driving while intoxicated). No matter how valid or unfounded the charge may be, dealing with a DUI or DWI charge is usually a stressful, complicated, and costly ordeal.

Many people who are charged with driving while under the influence have had little to no experience with dealing with the police. Many people who are charged and convicted of a DUI or DWI have never been in handcuffs, let alone spent time in jail. Many people who wind up in jail because of a DUI or DWI have never broken the law before, except perhaps, for a minor driving infraction or something else that people who are considered good, upstanding citizens, occasionally do without getting caught in the glare of a police light- or in the glare of judgement of family, friends, and other community members.

Whether this is the first or the fifth time you’ve been charged with driving under the influence, it may be in your best interest to enlist the help of a DUI lawyer Hyattsville MD is fortunate to have in its midst.

A DUI charge is a serious matter that comes with lots of work, penalties and monetary fines. It can have a negative impact on your ability to keep your employment or to find a new job. It can cause problems in your personal life and in your relationships with family, friends, and other community members. It can cause the accused to have low self-esteem, overwhelming feelings of shame and embarrassment, and anywhere from mild to severe depression.

A DUI conviction is punishable by fines, suspension of driving privileges, jail time and probation. A DUI conviction gives you a criminal record. It can raise your insurance rates. It can affect security clearances and immigration status.

In Maryland, the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) typically suspends a person’s license immediately after their arrest when they are charged with a DUI. There are many deadlines that need to be met in order to uphold an accused person’s rights and driving privileges.

While many law enforcement agents are upstanding and honorable in how they do their jobs, some of them are not. There have been many, many situations where an arresting officer or officers did not comply with protocol and the law. The result has been innocent and wrongly accused people having to spend their own time and money to recuse themselves.

If you have been charged or convicted of a DUI while driving in Maryland or the surrounding areas, contact a DUI lawyer Hyattsville MD residents can rely on at Cohen & Cohen, P.C. for a free case evaluation.

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