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DUI Lawyer Frederick MD

Wrongful Death Claims From DUI Accidents

Cohen & Cohen LawyersWhen you need a top DUI lawyer Frederick MD has to offer to help you work through a personal injury claim, it’s important to know that there’s a local law firm you can trust. You don’t have to be directly involved in a drunk driving accident to be affected by it. If someone you love has died from injuries sustained during a DUI crash, and if this collision was caused by another driver who was intoxicated, you might wish to pursue damages through a claim.

At Cohen and Cohen, P.C., we know that these types of claims can be incredibly difficult for family members. Even though it may be tough to handle a lawsuit at this time, some families find that a successful settlement provides a sense of stability, relief, and justice. If you’re considering hiring a top DUI lawyer Frederick MD can provide for any of these reasons, our firm is ready to hear from you.

Vehicular Homicide and Criminal Charges

It is essential to keep in mind that the liable driver may be facing criminal charges that might be separate from civil charges. Vehicular homicide related to driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol is a criminal offense, and therefore a driver who is facing these charges would be facing a criminal court case. This case could result in penalties such as jail time and a revocation of his/her driver’s license if the court reaches a guilty verdict.

The prosecution in a vehicular homicide case would have to prove three major points in order to reach a conviction:

  • The other driver was operating a vehicle at the time of the homicide
  • The other driver was under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol
  • The victim sustained fatal injuries due to the collision

Not all cases result in convictions and it may even be possible for a convicted driver to walk away with moderate penalties. As a DUI lawyer Frederick MD can supply might explain, vehicular homicide may not result in punishments that are as severe as other murders. This is because, unlike murder, vehicular homicide does not involve any plans to commit a homicide.

If your family is currently involved in a criminal court case for vehicular homicide or if you have already dealt with a case that did not produce a guilty verdict, you might wish to pursue damages through a wrongful death lawsuit. It’s common for families to seek legal counsel from a DUI lawyer Frederick MD residents know and trust for a potential wrongful death case if a criminal court case did not produce ideal results.

Driving Under the Influence and Wrongful Death Claims

There are many reasons why families choose to hire a DUI lawyer Frederick MD trusts. Sometimes families choose to file a wrongful death claim in order to seek justice for their loved one, particularly if the responsible driver was not convicted in criminal court.

You might also be looking for a DUI lawyer in Frederick MD primarily for practical reasons; i.e., to obtain financial damages in order to cover the costs of the accident. Your family may still be struggling with the financial ramifications of what occurred even after your loved one has passed away. Drunk driving accidents can result in catastrophic injuries for the victims and these injuries may be very expensive to treat. Even after your loved one has passed, you might still be left with thousands of dollars of unpaid medical bills. You may also have to pay for funeral costs or burial costs.

If your loved one provided for another individual or for your family financially, the loss of this person’s income may also be factored into a wrongful death claim. Loss of financial stability can include lost wages, lost insurance coverage, or other financial benefits that the individual held. A skilled DUI lawyer Frederick MD truly deserves would likely look at all of these factors and determine the long-term cost when negotiating for a settlement.

Wrongful Death Claims: Seeking Justice for Drunk Driving

The loss of a loved one cannot possibly be repaid through any sum of money. Any Frederick MD DUI lawyer who promises to get a settlement that makes up for the loss of a human life simply isn’t seeing the bigger picture. At Cohen and Cohen, P.C., we understand this and we aren’t promising to give your family a complete financial reimbursement for the loss of a loved one.

Nevertheless, there are many reasons why your family might benefit from a financial settlement. You may also find that a settlement provides a sense of justice after you have lost a family member. A financial settlement may allow you the time you need to heal without worrying about missing bills or keeping up with work.

Contact a Top DUI Lawyer Frederick MD Has To Offer — Today

Drunk driving and drugged driving are wrong — it’s as simple as that. No one should have to risk their lives because another driver decided to get behind the wheel while under the influence. No family should have to suffer the emotional pain of losing a loved one in this case. Unfortunately these accidents still happen.

At Cohen and Cohen, P.C., we want our clients to know that they aren’t alone when they are dealing with the aftermath of a DUI accident. We have won our clients millions of dollars in financial settlements after they have been injured in accidents, and we may be able to help your family cope with your tremendous loss as well. We offer free consultations for anyone who wishes to seek legal counsel after a DUI accident. This allows us to discuss the details of your case and to determine possible outcomes for a claim.

We know that wrongful death cases resulting from DUI accidents are some of the hardest cases for families to manage. At Cohen and Cohen, P.C., we provide personalized legal counsel so that you don’t have to go through a lawsuit alone. To speak with a DUI lawyer Frederick MD trusts today, contact our local office at 301-250-1957.

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