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DUI Lawyer Arlington VA

Cohen & Cohen LawyersFinding a DUI lawyer Arlington VA drivers trust might seem difficult, but at Cohen and Cohen, P.C., we believe that it shouldn’t be impossible. We understand that these cases may be especially hard for victims and for their families. It’s difficult enough to recover from the physical and emotional trauma of being injured in an accident; you shouldn’t also have to worry about finding legal representation so that you can remain financially stable.

At our firm, we understand the necessity of recovering your financial losses after an accident. We know that each case is unique and each client deserves the utmost care and compassion while they are healing. We also believe that every accident victim should have the right to seek legal counsel from trustworthy and dependable DUI lawyer Arlington VA can provide.

Proving Fault in DUI Accidents: Why It’s Not Always Simple

Drunk drivers are not always considered legally responsible for accidents even when it seems that they should be. The majority of accidents with drunk drivers are attributed to the intoxicated driver, but there certainly may be exceptions.

Drunk driving and drugged driving might be considered a criminal offense in a criminal lawsuit, but an injured accident victim would have to pursue damages through a civil court lawsuit or through an insurance claim. It may be possible for a driver to avoid a DUI conviction, for example, if he/she had a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level below .08%. In this case, the injured victim might still be able to prove that the driver was negligent simply by driving a vehicle with any amount of alcohol in their system.

Insurance policies and state laws might further complicate matters. Some insurers have been known to deny coverage when the policyholder is convicted of drunk driving or drugged driving. This requires the policyholder to file a lawsuit against the insurer and the accident victim might be waiting indefinitely for financial compensation. Even when an insurer does provide coverage, it might not be enough cover all the costs that the victim sustains. Accident victims may seek legal counsel from an experienced DUI lawyer Arlington VA has to offer simply for representation in negotiations with the insurance company.

The Real Costs of DUI Accidents

If you’ve been injured in a DUI accident, or if someone you love has been involved in a DUI accident, you’ve probably already done some research about hiring a DUI lawyer Arlington VA communities know and trust. There are several reasons why DUI accident victims might seek legal counsel: some need assistance in insurance claims, others wish to seek justice through a personal injury civil lawsuit, and others simply need a way to recover their financial losses.

Some accident victims are able to obtain financial compensation through insurance claims but others find that it is necessary to file a civil suit. As you might already be able to assume, insurance policies and state laws can sometimes make it difficult for accident victims to know exactly how to proceed.

Nevertheless, injured victims and their families have a right to seek counsel from a DUI lawyer Arlington VA depends on, especially if they have suffered significant losses. It might be necessary to take legal action if the insurance provider fails to offer a fair settlement that covers medical costs. It’s essential for accident victims to keep in mind that their medical costs may extend into the future, especially in the case of disabling injuries, and that these costs might be included in their settlement.

Other economic losses might also be considered when requesting a settlement. These losses likely include lost wages if the accident victim needs to take time off from work to recover. A victim who sustains long-lasting injuries might even find that they are unable to return to work or are unable to hold the same career. This could lead to years of lost wages or decreased wages, both of which might be considered by an Arlington VA DUI lawyer in a settlement.

The accident victim’s pain and suffering may also be included in the settlement offer even though it is difficult to put a price on this non-economic cost. While compensatory damages aim to compensate the victim for economic losses caused by the accident, punitive damages might aim to repay the victim for losses that are less tangible. Punitive damages serve as a punishment for the liable party as well as a tangible recognition of the victim’s suffering.

In cases that involve a drunk driver, the punitive damages might far exceed the compensatory damages — although this is not always the case. The exact types of damages that each accident victim might request and might be awarded will differ from person to person. If there is any doubt about what damages you should be awarded in your own settlement, speaking with a DUI lawyer Arlington VA can supply may be very beneficial.

Speak With a DUI Lawyer Arlington VA Residents Can Rely On

If you or someone you love has been injured in a car accident caused by a drunk driver, it’s essential to know that there is a local law firm with a competent DUI lawyer in Arlington VA who may be able to reclaim your losses for you. No one should have to suffer financial losses in addition to physical pain simply because another driver made the poor decision to consume alcohol before getting behind the wheel.

At Cohen and Cohen, P.C., local residents know that they can turn to our firm when they need trustworthy legal counsel after a personal injury. We have helped countless clients recover their losses after being injured due to another person’s actions. If you are currently dealing with the aftermath of a drunk driving collision, we may be able to help you obtain compensation as well.

For more information about our firm, or to schedule a consultation with a DUI lawyer Arlington VA trusts, contact Cohen and Cohen, P.C. today at (703) 548-4529.

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