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Drones Lawsuit Lawyer

Drones Lawsuit Lawyer DC, MD, VA

Drones Lawsuit Lawyer DC, MD, VAIf you are one of the many innocent people who have been injured by a drone or had your property damaged by one, a good drones lawsuit lawyer in DC, MD or VA may be able to help you.

Injuries and property damage that are caused by drones can be caused by different things. Common causes of drone accidents that result in injury and/or property damage include but are not limited to:

  • Technical flaws 
  • Faulty parts and systems
  • Operator negligence

Every day, there are more and more drones in the sky and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) predicts that the number of drones in use in the U.S. will reach near seven million by the year 2020. 

As the number of drones in use for many different purposes increases, unfortunately, the likelihood of accidents with them increases too. As the number of accidents increases so will many people’s needs for a reliable DC, MD, or VA drones lawsuit lawyer. They may be able to get compensation for you from a negligent drone operator or manufacturer.

Drone History

Going back in history, a drone is simply an unarmed vehicle – or a vehicle in which an operator is not physically located. One of these early forms of drones was for military operations such as in 1839 when Austrian soldiers attacked the city of Venice with unmanned balloons filled with explosives. 

From the earliest drones to more modern ones such as those used by the U.S. in the Cold War, and those used by Israel in 1982, where the military used drones alongside manned aircraft to wipe out the Syrian air fleet with minimal losses, drone technology has advanced significantly. 

More Recent Drone Use

It was around the early 2000s when drone operators were no longer only in the military with a small number of non-military operators who were niche hobbyists. Around this time is when non-military government agencies started to use drones for things such as disaster relief, border surveillance and wildfire fighting, to name just a few of the government’s use of drones. Corporations began using drones to do things such as to inspect pipelines and to spray pesticides on farms. 

Around this time is also when the need for a good drones lawsuit lawyer increased in DC, MD, VA and throughout the United States.

New uses for drones, such as making deliveries to remote places, are coming out at a fairly rapid pace. As newer, more technologically advanced drones with different uses come, unfortunately, dangerous accidents with them are also becoming more and more common.

If you or someone close to you has been injured in an accident involving a drone and/or have incurred property damage as a result of this, it may be time to contact a DC, MD or VA drones lawsuit lawyer to see if you may be entitled to compensation.

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