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Dog Bite Lawyer Hillcrest Heights MD

When a Dog Attacks Your Child

Cohen & Cohen LawyersIf your child was severely injured in a dog attack, call us at Cohen and Cohen, P.C. to speak with a top dog bite lawyer Hillcrest Heights MD has to offer. Our attorneys have assisted thousands of families whose child was injured because of another person’s negligence.

A dog bite lawyer in Hillcrest Heights MD can fight for the rights of your family and collect maximum compensation for damages. You have a legal right to be reimbursed by the negligent party for your losses.

If you are not familiar with the laws pertaining to personal liability in dog bite attacks against children, you may find the following information helpful. Questions that you may have that are specific to your case can be answered by a dog bite lawyer Hillcrest Heights MD injury victims hire under similar circumstances.

Incidences of Dog Attacks Involving Children

Studies by the American Veterinarian Association and the Centers for Disease Control show that most dog attacks involve children between 5 and 7 years of age. Very often these attacks are quite serious and require the legal help of a dog bite lawyer Hillcrest Heights MD families turn to for justice. Here are several things to know:

  • Injuries from dog bite attacks are most often located on the child’s neck and face.
  • Child victims are at great risk for developing post-traumatic stress disorder after the dog attack.
  • The dog attacks often produce large amounts of blood loss and are extremely painful for the child.
  • Nearly half of all dog bite attacks are inflicted by the family’s pet dog. This often results in the family dog having to be put down. This can add undue guilt to the child’s already traumatized psyche. An experienced dog bite lawyer Hillcrest Heights MD residents trust will be understanding, compassionate, and patient with your child.

What To Do Immediately After a Dog Attacks Your Child

In addition to protecting your child’s safety in the moments following the attack, documenting the event will also be important in the event you choose to pursue legal options. After consulting with an experienced dog bite lawyer Hillcrest Heights MD offers, he or she may request more information in addition to what is detailed here.

  1. Call 911 and request immediate medical help. Even if the wound appears minimal, a dog’s saliva contains high levels of bacteria which can cause serious infection. In addition, the dog may have rabies. If the first responder recommends that your child seek follow-up care at the emergency room, follow their suggestion. Request copies of all medical paperwork and keep your receipts.
  2. Determine who owns the dog. Get the owner’s name, address, and phone number. Inform them that their dog attacked your child and you are seeking medical help. Also ask for a copy of the declaration page of their homeowner’s insurance policy. If they are a renter, ask for a copy of their renter’s insurance. If they cannot or will not give you a copy of their insurance policy, ask for the name of their insurance company and their policy number.
  3. Report the incident to the animal control or local police authority.Request a copy of their report. This is to make sure that if the animal needs to be restrained or otherwise dealt with to protect others, the authorities will be made aware of the situation. The report will also be an official record of what happened, where the attack occurred, the owner’s information, and more.
  4. Collect evidence of the dog attack. This is crucial to do immediately as physical evidence can disappear or become tainted even within hours. When you file a claim or pursue a lawsuit, evidence will be necessary to support your case. If you are not able to gather the following, have someone do it on your behalf:
    1. Photograph the location of the attack, the dog, and your child. Take as many photographs as possible, showing different angles. Be sure the lighting is sufficient and that the images are clear and not blurry or out of focus. Video is also good. If the dog clearly escaped from a broken fence, get images of that. If there is blood or torn clothing, take photos or video.
    2. Store the clothing that your child was wearing. Keep it in a safe place and do not wash them. Label the bag with the time, date of the dog attack, and your initials. A dog bite lawyer Hillcrest Heights MD provides may request the clothing from you in order to present it as evidence.
    3. Get testimony from witnesses. If your cell phone has a video option, film the person as they explain what they saw. Test that the video recording worked before the witness walks away. Be sure to get their full name, phone number, and email address. If you cannot videotape them, have them write down what they saw. Make sure they sign and date the bottom of each page. After retaining a dog bite lawyer Hillcrest Heights MD victims recommend, he or she will need to collect the witness testimony and other evidence from you.
  5. Contact a Hillcrest Heights MD dog bite lawyer. Your best choice may be an attorney who has successfully litigated previous dog attack claims or lawsuits. At Cohen and Cohen, P.C. our attorneys have helped thousands of injured victims recover losses from negligent parties.

Recovering Damages From a Dog Attack Against Your Child

An experienced dog bite lawyer can help your family recover maximum compensation from the negligent dog owner. Damages that can be recovered include any costs related to the dog attack on your child. This can be: medical costs, medications, surgery, physical as well as emotional therapy. If the parent has to take time off from work to care for their child, the wages they lose as a result can also be included.

Your child deserves justice. Call Cohen and Cohen, P.C. today to schedule a free case review with a dog bite lawyer Hillcrest Heights MD is proud to have in the community.

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