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Dog Bite Lawyer Gaithersburg MD

Cohen & Cohen LawyersContact the legal firm of Cohen and Cohen, P.C. without delay if you need to speak with a top dog bite lawyer Gaithersburg MD provides. Our attorneys have helped thousands of dog bite victims receive the compensation they deserve from negligent animal owners.

A Cohen and Cohen, P.C. dog bite lawyer in Gaithersburg MD will investigate the facts of your case to establish who is responsible for your damages. Dog bites can be very serious and may cause permanent scarring. Call us at (202) 955-4529 for a free consultation with one of our attorneys and discover how we can help you.

Permanent Scarring From a Dog Bite Injury

Scars that result from a dog bite injury can be physical as well psychological. Scarring of both types can happen to dog bite victims of any age. A dog bite lawyer Gaithersburg MD injury victims trust can advise you whether your or your child’s scarring of any type is eligible for compensatory damages. If so, the dog’s owner may be liable for reimbursing you for physical as well as emotional damages from the attack.

What to Do Immediately After a Dog Bite Attack

  1. Call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. If a dog bit you or your child, go to an emergency room for immediate medical attention. Save all your receipts and documentation related to any medical treatment that you receive. Take photographs of the injury or injuries before and after treatment, if possible. This will help to establish the extent of the physical injury. A dog bite lawyer Gaithersburg MD residents call first, like our attorneys at Cohen and Cohen, will ask you for copies of your medical records. Our legal team will then develop a comprehensive plan on how to recover your damages.

  2. Report the dog attack to your local police department and animal control. Again, get copies of relevant documentation such as the police report for your Gaithersburg MD dog bite lawyer.

  3. Call Cohen and Cohen at (202) 955-4529 to speak with a dog bite lawyer Gaithersburg MD residents turn to for legal help. With a qualified attorney to help you navigate the legal hurdles of proving negligence, you can more quickly receive the compensation you deserve.

Physical Scars from Dog Bite Attacks

More than four million people in the United States are victims of dog bite attacks every year. On average, one out of five victims require medical treatment for their dog bite injury. When a dog makes an unprovoked attack, the dog’s owner might be liable for the victim’s injuries. A skilled dog bite lawyer Gaithersburg MD offers can help victims get fair compensation, even for scarring that results from the injury.

  • Physical scarring is a common injury from a dog attack.

  • When a dog bite is serious enough to require stitches or surgery, sutures used to close the wound can leave behind scarring.

  • When the wound is deep enough, it can also cause scarring.

  • Depending on the degree of scarring, it may be very visible for the rest of the victim’s life.

Medical Treatment for Scarring

Getting treatment for scarring can be expensive. Insurance companies often consider plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery for scarring a cosmetic procedure. As a result, getting insurance to cover the costs can be challenging. Seeking the help of a dog bite lawyer Gaithersburg MD respects may be the best approach. At Cohen and Cohen, our attorneys can help you get compensation from the liable dog owner to cover your surgery costs.

Children Who Experience Scarring

Young victims of dog bites can be subject to a number of issues in addition to what older victims might suffer. These can include:

  • Children can be especially affected by scarring as their bodies are still forming and the scarring can be permanent and affect mobility.

  • Children must be treated differently than adults, and this specialized care can be more expensive.

  • Because of their changing bodies, they may have to undergo numerous surgeries, more so than adults with similar injuries.

  • Post-traumatic distress syndrome is not uncommon among children who suffered from a dog bite.

Emotional Scars from Dog Bites

Physical scarring from a dog bite is not the only kind of scarring a victim can experience. The emotional pain, including fear, that a victim might feel after a dog bite is every bit as real as physical pain. After a dog bite, the emotional scars can be permanent as well as debilitating.

It can be nearly impossible for a dog bite victim to feel safe under circumstances that seem in any way similar to that of the attack. Life’s simplest acts can cause serious emotional trauma to the victim, and make their quality life suffer dramatically. Common symptoms of emotional scarring among dog bite victims include:

  • The inability engage with others on an emotional level. This can lead to overall withdrawal from life and life’s pleasures.

  • Nightmares and flashbacks which can be extremely disruptive for sleeping.

  • An inability to sleep. General anxiety can make it impossible for a person to sleep, or if they are experiencing nightmares from the dog attack they may be afraid to go to sleep. Not getting enough sleep can lead to very serious health problems.

  • Development of phobias such as a fear of going outside or a fear of dogs.

  • Feeling of depression.

  • Feeling of guilt.

  • Feeling of irrational fears or thoughts.

  • Any number and variety of physical symptoms.

  • Difficulty concentrating on work or schoolwork.

  • Feelings of irritability toward others.

An experienced dog bite lawyer Gaithersburg MD provides can include the cost of therapy in the damages. Therapy may be necessary in order to help reduce or eliminate the emotional scars suffered as a result of the dog attack.

At Cohen and Cohen, our attorneys will make every effort to get you full compensation for your dog bite injuries and lasting effects such as scarring. Please call our office today to arrange a free consultation with a dog bite lawyer Gaithersburg MD locals prefer to have on their side.

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