Does auto insurance cover bike accidents?

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Does auto insurance cover bike accidentsAccording to Alexandria, VA bike accident lawyers, yes, auto insurance will cover bike accident claims.

When you are involved with in an accident where you are seriously injured, your first step should be to consult an insurance company. These accidents may be related to cars, slipping and falling, bikes, or any other scenarios that involve others being negligent. Often times, insurance companies will contact you very quickly following the event of an accident. If they do not respond quickly, it is important to contact the person involved to related to your injury weather that be the person that hit you or the person who owns the property you were hurt on. Contacting the person can help you make a claim for your injuries with the other person’s insurance company.

Claims adjuster

Most Alexandria, VA bike accident lawyers will suggest that, first, an insurance company will be represented by a claims adjuster. It is important to keep in mind that this claims adjuster will not be representing your side of the case. This means that that person will be doing everything in their power to keep insurance costs as low as possible. This goes against your goals considering the fact that you most likely want to receive as much compensation as possible for your injuries. You want to be able to get the best settlement for your claim.

Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that you should not be giving the claims adjuster detailed information about your accident and injuries. As many experienced Alexandria, VA bike accident lawyers will tell you, giving that person these details could very much likely negatively impact your ability to get resolution of a claim. For example, if you were to accidentally tell the claims adjuster something about that accident that could put any sort of blame on you, than the insurance company will fight harder to not settle your claim or give you any compensation.

With this being said, this does not mean you can not talk with the claims adjuster at all. If you have only suffered minor injuries or damages you can give the claims adjuster any copies you have of any medical bills or estimates of damage costs resulting from the accident. These damages may be related to your car or any property you own that was damaged from the accident.


Alexandria, VA bike accident lawyers will also likely inform you that eventually, the claims adjuster will most likely offer you a settlement. This settlement must be in writing. After receiving this settlement, you have to sign a legal documents stating that you will no longer be going after the person who injured you or their insurance company in any way. This means you can not file future claims relating to the same accident. Once a claim is settled, the outcomes are finalized and you cannot go back and change your mind about the claims. This means even if you have more medical bills the other party will be off the hook and they do not have to pay you anymore than they already did. If you do suspect you will have future medical expenses related to the accident, you should wait before making any final decisions and settling your claim.

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