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Doctor Misplaced Four Screws in Woman’s Spine

Date13 May 2019
Doctor Misplaced Four Screws in Woman's Spine

Lesa Swanson has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against Dr. Anil Kumar Kesani, alleging he misplaced four screws in her spine during surgery at Baylor Medical Center in Trophy Club.

According to the lawsuit, Swanson went in for spinal surgery on April 27, 2017 where Kesani misplaced four of the six screws in her back.

When the surgery was over, Swanson woke up in severe pain, numbness and weakness. Kesani ordered a CT scan of Swanson’s spine the day after surgery and it showed the misplaced screws.

Kesani didn’t inform Swanson that the screws were misplaced, but said that she needed another surgery. On April 28, Kesani removed two of the screws in Swanson’s spine. This caused a cavity to develop near her spine and sent scattered bone through the right side of the spinal canal. Another CT scan showed the bone debris in her back, but Kesani ignored it, according to the lawsuit.

Swanson said she continued to have pain after the surgery and that Kesani didn’t seem interested in hearing about her symptoms.

Swanson had another surgery in July 2017 with another doctor to help with her lower back pain. She is still unable to feel her right foot, her right calf or part of her right thigh at all and she can’t stand on her right side alone without falling.

“This represents the worst screw placement I have ever seen in a lumbar spine,” Dr. J. Bob Blacklock, who isan expert witness in the case and a neurosurgeon at the Texas Medical Center in Houston. Blacklock’s report was included in case documents.

“I truly cannot imagine what the doctor’s explanation will be for why he placed three screws directly into the nerves in Ms. Swanson’s spinal canal and then failed to accurately communicate to his patient what he had done,” Swanson’s lawyer, Todd Smith, said.

Swanson is seeking more than $1 million in damages from the lawsuit

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