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DePuy Lawsuits

Doctor standing in front of a nurse, both with arms crossed as part of the DePuy lawsuitsEvery product that you purchase in the market has some type of warranty and hip implants are no different than any other product you purchase at the store, but there seems to be some confusion as to what your rights for the DePuy lawsuits are as an individual when it comes to medical devices and having that device implanted in your body. Below is some information on these hip implant lawsuits and how they may affect you or someone you know that has had one implanted in their body due to a medical procedure they had done by their doctor. If you have been injured by hip implant and need an attorney, contact Cohen & Cohnen today!

What are DePuy Hip Replacement Lawsuits?

Devices made by the medical device company DePuy were found to have harmful side effects that cause dangerous injuries in patients, according to a settlement. The lawsuit was filed in 2008 by individual plaintiffs and on behalf of three DePuy hip replacement product liability class action settlements against the device maker, which produces hips and knees that are surgically implanted into people with severe arthritis or hip injuries.

Individuals who underwent any type of procedure using these products are entitled to compensation if they experienced a number of negative side effects. This is because DePuy knew about these risks but did not warn anyone about them, making this an instance of medical malpractice. The implant has been shown to become displaced years after its insertion as well as lose hardness or strength over time due to wear and tear.

The Different Types of DePuy Hip Replacements

There are three different types of DePuy Hip Replacements that have been recalled due to their design flaw and possible premature failure. The most common type is the ASR Hip Replacement, which is designed to be a single-stem device and replace both the femoral head and acetabulum at the same time. This type will require revision surgery in order to remove the failed hip implant. The Type 3 Acetabular Cup includes an off-label stem that was used in some surgeries but has now been withdrawn from use. A Type 4 Acetabular Cup includes metal shell corrosion problems.

What Makes These DePuy Hip Replacement Devices So Dangerous?

DePuy hip replacement devices are supposed to be a ‘safer’ option than other surgery methods. However, the devices have been found to come with many unintended and debilitating side effects. Not only do these devices cause inflammation and tissue destruction in the surrounding area, but there is also an increased risk of metal poisoning. When doctors and patients report symptoms associated with these complications to the company, DePuy has failed to provide a complete account of how this product affects different people in different ways. Because these reports have not been recorded properly by DePuy, we will never know how many individuals have been put at risk for serious infection or even death due to these faulty implants. If you believe this applies to you or a loved one, then it’s time to contact an attorney about the DePuy lawsuits.

How An Attorney Can Help

If you’re involved in a dangerous product, pharmaceutical, or medical device lawsuit and would like to join an existing class action lawsuit please contact an attorney — they can tell you whether your type of injury is covered by the lawsuit.

As time goes on, some people with defective medical devices or pharmaceuticals have not been made aware that they may be entitled to file a lawsuit against the companies for their injuries. If this applies to you, please contact Cohen & Cohen so that we can assess your eligibility for a suit and if necessary bring it against the manufacturer of your drug or device so that they are held accountable for their actions, specifically if you believe you are part of the DePuy lawsuits.

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