Could I be found at fault in my bicycle accident?

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Hillcrest Heights, MD bike accident lawyers have the answers

Hillcrest Heights MD bike accident lawyersAccording to Hillcrest Heights, MD bike accident lawyers, in the majority of bicycle–motorist accidents, the motorist is at fault for the accident for failing to comply with the rules of the road that pertain to bicyclists. However, bicyclists who fail to follow the rules of the road or who engage in dangerous activities while riding can be held liable after an accident.

In order to minimize the risk of accidents with cars, cyclists need to maximize their visibility, understand the rules of the road, learn to recognize some of the most dangerous intersection hazards, and take safety precautions when approaching and riding through an intersection. It is also important to learn the basic legal rules of liability such as who is responsible for an accident. Hillcrest Heights, MD bike accident lawyers will likely inform you that cyclists who don’t follow road rules or don’t keep a proper lookout might be held accountable for an accident. Additionally, cyclists who do follow the rules of the road may initially still be blamed by wreckless driver who doesn’t follow the rules of the road.

Laws for bikers may differ from state to state but commonly:

  • You must ride facing forward
  • Only one person should be on the bicycle unless a baby seat is attached with a proper harness or seat for more than one rider.
  • Do not ride on sidewalks unless local law permits.
  • Do not be pulled by another vehicle and give the proper signals when turning or stopping.
  • If riding at night the bicycle must have proper lights and reflectors.

According to Hillcrest Heights, MD bike accident lawyers, if you as the biker do not follow these rules you will be held accountable for your mistakes and you will mostly likely not be able to sue the driver for the accident.

What to Do on the Scene

No matter how minor you think it might be, calling the police is very important in a bike accident. If a police report is filed based on information gathered at the scene, the police will create a neutral report of the crash and the story can’t change later on. You should always ask for a police report. You never know when it could come in handy, either for insurance purposes or for a legal case in the future. Additionally, if a conflict ensues, it is best to have the police there to intervene if necessary.

Gather Witness Information

Hillcrest Heights, MD bike accident lawyers will likely advise that you speak with anyone else who was involved in the accident or any witnesses nearby. For anyone else involved in the accident, you’ll want to have their address and contact information, their insurance information, vehicle information, including license plate number, and the responding police officer’s name and badge number.

Take Pictures

Take pictures of the accident scene. These will be helpful in dealing with insurance companies and for your potential court case. Having photographic evidence of the scene can be really helpful to a jury in supporting a cyclist’s case.

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