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Common Injuries Sustained in Motorcycle Accidents

Common Injuries Sustained in Motorcycle Accidents in Maryland that Warrant the Need for Motorcycle Vehicle Accidents (MVA) Lawyers in Bethesda and Throughout MD

Bethesda MD mva lawyersMany people involved in motorcycle accidents in Maryland suffer serious physical injuries and often need the help of Bethesda, MD MVA lawyers. Some accidents even result in death. Some injuries, such as broken bones and road rash, are readily apparent at the scene. Some injuries, however, such as some spinal or concussion injuries, may not be so obvious in the moment. For this reason, it is important to seek emergency medical care after a motorcycle crash to rule out potentially life-threatening injuries.

It is also important to consider some of the most common injuries suffered in a motorcycle crash, so that you can adjust your riding habits to protect yourself. Here are three common injuries and what you may be able to do to limit the extent of your damage should you be involved in crash- and hopefully be able to avoid the need for MVA lawyers in Bethesda, MD:

  • Road rash

Road rash is one of the most well-known motorcycle injuries. Road rash is an abrasion of the skin caused by contact with the pavement. It is extremely painful and can heal with a disfiguring scar. Scarring is of particular concern if road rash occurs on a rider’s face or hands, or other areas typically not covered by clothing. To protect yourself from road rash, protective clothing, such as leather or technical fabric designed for riders, is a must. A full face helmet can also prevent facial road rash and potential disfigurement.

  • Leg and foot injury

Leg, knee, and foot injuries are common in non-fatal motorcycle crashes. Even non-fatal motorcycle crashes often create the need for help from Bethesda, MD MVA lawyers. Your feet and legs are likely to make hard contact with the ground and often results in scrapes, bruising, road rash, and broken bones. Limb amputations are also a possible result of a crash. You can protect your lower extremities from injury by always wearing appropriate protective clothing and footwear, and also by wearing knee pads while riding.

  • Brain injury

Brain injury is a very serious and common injury that you may sustain in a motorcycle crash. Brain injuries can be caused by the rider’s head making contact with the road, the bike, or another vehicle. Brain injuries can also be caused simply by sudden impact making the rider’s brain contact the sides of his or her skull, causing internal damage or bleeding. Brain injuries take many forms including concussions, brain bleeding, and permanent brain damage; and they are a very common reason for people to seek help from MVA lawyers in Bethesda, MD. Brain injuries may not always be obvious after a crash, so it is important to speak with medical personnel who are trained to assess the damage, immediately. You can protect your head by wearing a full face helmet, by taking advantage of current helmet technology, and making sure that your helmet is fitted properly.

The best way to prevent all injuries is by avoiding the accident all together. Reduce your speed and always pay attention to the behavior of larger vehicles on the road. Be aware of the weather forecast and how it will affect road conditions. In the hopes of preventing a need for MVA lawyers who are licensed to practice in Bethesda and throughout MD, never drive while fatigued or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Know your limits and do not ride for longer than you have the stamina.

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