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Clothing product injury lawyer

Clothing product injury lawyer Injuries that result from the clothes that we wear happen more often than we think, and often they may require a clothing product injury lawyer. Everyday shoppers buy new clothes for all occasions — whether it be for work or for fun — and as consumers we are constantly buying brands that we trust. Regardless of whether we spend thousands on our wardrobes or get excited over the newest sale, nobody deserves to suffer an injury from the clothes we put on our backs.

While we do not hear about clothing injuries often, they occur much more frequently than we would expect. In fact, according to a recent national study, there were 45,117 injuries in a year caused by clothing that necessitated an emergency room visit. In many of these cases, a clothing product injury lawyer could have been used to defend against the clothing brands on behalf of the victims for fair compensation.

It is the responsibility for the clothing manufacturer to provide clothing that is safe. When consumers purchase their products, there should not be a risk of physical damage. However, annually we see many cases of serious injuries as a direct result of the clothes we put on every day. Clothing-related injuries vary from product to product, but there are some similarities among cases. Some of the common injuries that can be caused by clothing include:

– Burn injuries
– Allergic reactions
– Skin abrasions
– Scarring

A clothing product injury lawyer is a great resource to see if you are finding all the facts to see if you have a case against a manufacturer with clothing-related injuries. While not every case is the fault of the producer, often an injury inflicted by an item of clothing can involve faulty materials in the design. A lot of the cases that we see involve fabrics that have dangerous chemicals in the threads. We also see cases where they materials used are flammable, and are caught on fire. These injuries can affect children and adults alike, and it is important the producer is held at fault when serious damage results from their products.

Every manufacturer has product liability in the products they sell. A clothing product injury lawyer can hold them accountable to this standard. The product liability binds a seller to taking responsibility for defective and faulty products — like, for example, clothing with flammable fabric or thread created with harmful chemicals. While product liability laws may vary from state to state, they are there to ensure a consumer does not suffer injuries without receiving compensation for their sufferings.

At Cohen & Cohen, our experienced attorneys have worked on many cases that involve faulty clothing. We believe no person should ever have to experience injuries as a result of the clothes that they buy, regardless of the amount of money they spend. If you or your loved one have experienced a clothing-related injury, contact us and we will set you up with a skilled clothing product injury lawyer on our team who will fight on your behalf to make sure you are getting all the correct facts in holding a manufacturer responsible, and more importantly, making sure you get the compensation you deserve.

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