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Choosing a Sober Ride, Not a Flawed Drive

Wheaton, MD DUI lawyers have the insight you need

Wheaton MD DUI lawyersWheaton, MD DUI lawyers know all too well that a very common way people catch up on life and spend time together is over having a couple drinks. Whether you are simply venting about your work day to a friend after your shift, or celebrating a wedding for a loved one, in both scenarios a safe way home must be planned for ahead of time. If you know you are going to drink alcohol, have a backup plan so you do not risk being arrested for a DUI. Even someone who had only a drink or two and was under the blood alcohol content limit (BAC) of 0.08 percent, can be endangering others by getting onto the road. Wheaton, MD DUI lawyers will likely tell you that it can be difficult for people to accurately assess whether they are sober or not, due to the fact that alcohol can greatly hinder making a sound judgement.

When it comes to alcohol and car keys, it is better to choose a sober ride than risk driving and harming another driver on the road including yourself. Here in this article, we have answered a couple questions people may have about this very common issue.

What kind of functions can be impaired by having a few drinks?

Depending on your level of tolerance, a person may become impaired by simply only having one drink. While on the other hand, someone else may not feel buzzed until after a few drinks down the hatch. Wheaton, MD DUI lawyers will inform you that it is crucial to know oneself, along with understanding how the blood alcohol content limit calculation works. The factors that determine your BAC level can be based on your age, height, weight, and how many hours have gone by per drink. Functions that can start to become impaired after having alcohol can include:

  • Inability to perform complex tasks (such as driving a vehicle)
  • Lessened ability for reasoning and judgement
  • Decrease in inhibitions (saying or doing things you otherwise would not have)
  • Acting in a less cautious or safe manner
  • Blurry and/or double vision
  • Equilibrium is thrown off, causing unstable walking

What are the options for a backup plan, in case someone has drank too much to drive?

Wheaton, MD DUI lawyers will strongly suggest always having a backup plan every time you go out and plan to drink. There are many options for someone who has drank too much, rather than risking getting a DUI. If for any reason you have gotten into the car to drive and feel a strong urge to roll down the window or turn on the air conditioner (when it is not very hot out), then you should get out immediately. When a person is drunk, their body system can feel much hotter and flushed than normal. Some backup options to get home safely are listed as:

  • Calling for an Uber or cab to take you home
  • Hitching a ride with a designated sober driver at the party
  • Crashing at the person’s house to sleep off the alcohol in your system
  • If you had only a drink or two, waiting a reasonable amount of time before driving
  • Considering taking public transportation
  • Calling a friend or family member to take you home who was not at the party

If you or someone you know has suffered an injury from an intoxicated driver, it may be in your best interest to reach out to Cohen & Cohen, P.C. and we will set you up with Wheaton, MD DUI lawyers on our team.

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