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Car Accident Lawyers Reston VA

Car Accident Lawyers in Reston, VA May be Able to Help With Car Accident Injuries that Cannot be Seen

Car Accident Lawyers Reston VAEven though people tend to be more familiar with physical injuries from car accidents, there are many “invisible” injuries that a victim may be able to get help for from car accident lawyers Reston, VA residents car accident victims can rely on.  

Anyone who has been in a car accident or witnessed one from the sidelines can vouch for just how stressful such an event can be. It is not uncommon for a passersby to rush over to help, especially for accidents where a life could be in danger. In the worst possible scenario, a car wreck leads to a fatality. For particularly traumatizing car accidents, there are other injuries besides physical wounds that a victim may suffer from.

In the article to follow, we talk about a types of car accident injuries that cannot be seen externally. Many people in Reston who have suffered from these kinds of injuries have found it helpful to learn about how their rights can be protected from reputable car accident lawyers in Reston, VA.

Can a victim suffer from emotional or mental injuries after a car wreck?

Absolutely, injuries that are often overlooked are mental/emotional struggles due to being in a car accident. After such a traumatizing event where there were severe damages and perhaps even people who ended up in critical condition, people often struggle to process what happened.

Many people who suffer from these types of injuries find it helpful to discuss their rights with car accident lawyers who understand personal injury laws that govern Reston, VA.

How do I know if I need to talk to my doctor about how I am feeling?

Every person is different in how they process disturbing events. Some people may recover just fine, while others need some help to arrive at a state of calm. When you first go to see your doctor for an exam after the car crash, let him or her know about any mental or emotional symptoms you are having. Inform your doctor if you have any of the following:

  • Newly developed fears about getting back into a car
  • Refusing to operate a vehicle since the accident
  • Avoiding areas that remind you of the tragic event
  • Insomnia, nightmares or trouble staying asleep
  • Feeling hypervigilant, irritable or edgy
  • Anxiety, panic attacks

It is important to do these things not only for an accident victim’s own health but they can be used as forms of evidence that car accident lawyers from Reston, VA can use to help protect an accident victims rights to compensation for their injuries.

What should I expect from a therapy session?

Your doctor may recommend you see a therapist depending on your symptoms. If he or she suggests making an appointment and you have never been to a therapist before, you may be unsure what to expect. The role of a therapist is to help you sort through difficult emotions, feelings, and thoughts about the car accident so you can work towards healing. A therapist is not there to judge or criticize, but to be an unbiased person that you can talk openly with.

Many accident victims find that talking about their accident with a therapist is helpful for healing their injuries. Talking to car accident lawyers who practice in Reston, VA can also help to alleviate anxiety about how victims should deal with financial hardships that often arise as a result of car accidents.

Can I sue the driver at-fault for mental trauma from the wreck?

You may be entitled to receiving compensation from the driver at-fault for medical expenses, future treatment costs, vehicle repairs, and more. While it is possible to get retribution for mental trauma, it is harder to prove. If you decide to meet with an attorney about filing a civil lawsuit, bring along all paperwork and receipts related to your injuries. Other important things you may want to take along to your consultation include:

  • Copy of the incident report taken at the scene by an officer
  • Medical bills (emergency visits, hospitalization, exams, diagnostics, prescriptions, etc.)
  • Pictures of car damage & scene (if you took any at the time of the accident)

If you or someone you love has been injured in a car accident in any way, it may be in your best interest to discuss your rights with personal injury lawyers who are experienced in successfully defending the rights of accident victims and their families.

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