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Car Accident Lawyer Tysons VA

A Brief Guide to Accident Injury Settlements

Car Accident Lawyer Tysons VASomeone searching for a car accident lawyer Tysons VA can provide might already know that a serious auto accident can lead to many serious injuries. It isn’t always easy negotiating with an insurance company to obtain the financial compensation rightfully owed. It also might not be simple to find a personal injury lawyer who understands how to handle car accident injury cases.

At Cohen and Cohen, P.C., our lawyers understand that these injury cases can be very complicated. Although no person can call themselves the “best” car accident lawyer Tysons VA has to offer, our firm is known throughout Virginia, Maryland, and the DC metro area for being a reliable source for top tier legal counsel. Seeking an injury claim after a car accident can be a complicated matter, so it helps to have an idea about what this type of negotiation or lawsuit might entail.

Injury Settlements: The Basics

When an injured accident victim makes a legal claim for financial damages, this refers to civil law proceedings. In other words, an injury claim after a car accident will not involve any criminal charges or punishments for either party. Some car accidents will result in both criminal and civil suits if both are applicable; a car accident caused by a drunk driver, for example, will likely have criminal charges in a separate case, while any injured parties may pursue damages through a civil case. This detail might seem very minute and basic, but as any experienced car accident lawyer Tysons VA might attest, it’s common for individuals to get confused about what constitutes a civil suit after an accident.

Injured accident victims will likely pursue two types of claims for financial damages if they wish to do so. One claim covers the financial cost of property damage to the vehicle. Many insurance companies will consult an auto repair service that has assessed the damaged vehicle. Some companies might also use software programs that analyze a crash and damage done to specific parts of a vehicle in order to determine the cost of the damage.

The second type of claim provides compensation for any injuries that the person sustained during the accident. In many cases, claimants have an easier time receiving financial compensation for a property damage claim than for an injury claim. This is because it can be harder to put a definitive price on a person’s pain and suffering, and it can be just as difficult to predict how much money a person might spend in the future if the injury doesn’t heal.

What Damages Can Be Claimed?

Injury claims often request financial compensation for three main types injury-related concerns:

  1. Medical costs: Medical bills can become very stressful for an injured accident victim, as any car accident lawyer Tysons VA can offer might know. If an individual’s health insurance policy does not provide much coverage, then the financial burden of treating a serious injury could quickly become overwhelming.Medical costs for a car accident injury can refer to immediate medical treatment costs, but can also account for predicted medical costs in the future (if the injury will likely require ongoing treatment). Medical costs can cover the diagnosis and treatment of physical injuries and psychological injuries. When claiming coverage for medical costs, a claimant may have to submit documentation of medical treatment, diagnoses, and predicted future medical treatment.
  2. Lost wages: When an individual suffers from a serious injury, this injury could require time off from work in order to recover.  As a car accident lawyer Tysons VA trusts may attest, even missing a few days of work can put a person’s financial stability into question.If an injured person encounters a temporary or permanent disability that affects his or her ability to return to the same job as before, and if this results in a substantial loss of earnings, this could also be considered in an injury claim.
  3. Pain and suffering: This part of an injury compensation claim might sound very informal, but injury victims do have the ability to claim financial damages for their pain and suffering after an accident.Because the value of a person’s overall pain and suffering can be debated, it might be difficult for that individual to negotiate with an insurance company. In this situation, a claimant might wish to seek legal counsel from a car accident lawyer Tysons VA residents trust.

Settlements for Car Accident Injuries

It’s possible for an injured claimant to take their case to court. However, a court decision can be unpredictable in a car accident case, and it can require a great deal of time and money. Because of these factors, many claimants — with their trusted car accident lawyer Tysons VA can provide — will likely prefer to settle the matter outside of the courtroom.

Claimants have a few options available when pursuing a settlement outside of court. In many of these situations, it is beneficial for an injured claimant to consult with a local car accident lawyer in Tysons VA before beginning negotiations.

Claimants can choose to pursue financial compensation through mediation, arbitration, or informal out-of-court negotiations with a lawyer as their representative. While it is not absolutely necessary to have a lawyer advocate on your behalf during these negotiations, many injured accident claimants find that it is helpful to have a professional representative who understands local laws and can stand up to a difficult insurance company.

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For anyone who has been injured in a car accident, the process of filing an injury claim can be very complicated and frustrating. At Cohen and Cohen, P.C., our lawyers understand this. It’s our goal to provide excellent legal counsel to the residents of Tysons. With an experienced Tysons VA car accident lawyer, the claims process could be much easier to handle.

We have helped many clients in the past deal with difficult injury claims and win settlements in complicated accident cases. It’s important for injured victims to receive the compensation they rightfully deserve. If you’ve been denied reasonable compensation for your injury, we may be able to help you settle your case or take it to court. For more information about Cohen and Cohen, P.C., or to speak with a car accident lawyer Tysons VA residents trust, contact our local Virginia office today.

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