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What Are the Most Common Ways Car Accidents Arise?

What Are the Most Common Ways Car Accidents AriseAny experienced car accident lawyer Baltimore, MD residents trust knows all too well that car accidents are so common in the United States, that people are rarely surprised when they hear on the news or social media that yet another tragic car collision has happened. Sadly, not all drivers operate their vehicles with care. So, this means that despite another car driver being diligent on the roadway, they may still be involved in an accident due to the negligence of someone else. Here in the article below, we have listed the most common ways car accidents arise on the roadway, and why meeting with an attorney may be something to consider.

#1 Driving While Under the Influence

A good car accident lawyer  in Baltimore, MD will likely inform you that one of the most dangerous ways car accidents can happen is when the driver gets on the road while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Substances can greatly influence a person’s ability to drive safely, including:

  • Slower reaction time
  • Speeding or driving too slowly
  • Jolting movements, especially when stopping or starting
  • Swerving within lane, or across many

#2 Distracted Driving

Those who do not pay attention to the road can be putting others at grave risk for injuries or even a fatality. Drivers may be distracted due to being on the cellphone, daydreaming, talking to a passenger or fidgeting with the radio.  

#3 Driving with an Excess of Speed

A skilled car accident lawyer in Baltimore, MD may also inform you that people may speed due to rushing to work or trying to meet some other obligation. Those who are running late may want to resist the urge to speed around corners and through lights, as it can make them even more behind schedule is a vehicle accident is caused.

#4 Driving Recklessly

Not everyone understands how risky it can be to drive without care. Changing lanes rapidly and reacting to others with road rage can lead to terrible wrecks, in which more than one life may be impacted.

#5 Running Red Lights

A car driver may speed through a recently turned red light to get a couple minutes ahead on their travels, but this behavior can come along with a very high cost. According to a car accident lawyer in Baltimore, MD, collisions happen at intersections all too often, and can have a tragic ending if a life is lost as a result of this behavior.

How can the victim of a car accident seek compensation?

The victims of driving accidents may endure agonizing injuries, in addition to substantial financial loss. VIctims of car accidents may then wonder what their opportunities are when it comes to seeking compensation from the driver who hit them. If you were hit by driver who was at-fault for the accident, you may want to meet with an attorney as soon as possible about what happened. Depending on the details behind the crash and how severely you were injured, you may be entitled to a large monetary award. When meeting with a car accident lawyer in Baltimore, MD for the first time, consider bringing along with following details:

  • Statements about loss of pay due to missing work for recovery
  • Vehicle repair/damage estimates
  • Copy of the police incident report for the accident
  • Doctor’s exams and diagnosis of condition
  • Unpaid medical bills
  • Medical expense receipts for money paid out-of-pocket

If you or your loved one has suffered an injury from a car accident as a result of someone else’s negligence, do not hesitate to reach out to Cohen & Cohen, P.C. At Cohen & Cohen, P.C. we are more than happy to help guide you through the complicated personal injury process. Call us today for your free consultation with a car accident lawyer Baltimore, MD residents trust.

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