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Car Accident Lawyer Alexandria VA

Insurance Claim Tips  

Car Accident Lawyer Alexandria VABefore settling an insurance claim for a personal injury, hiring a car accident lawyer Alexandria VA motorists rely on may be a smart move. The insurance claim process can be lengthy and frustrating; especially if you don’t have legal counsel. Our attorneys at Cohen and Cohen, P.C. can walk you through that process step by step. In addition to answering your questions, your attorney can help organize your case and in doing so, hopefully alleviate some of your frustration in getting the compensation you deserve.

We invite you to meet with one of our attorneys at Cohen and Cohen to discuss your personal injury case. In fact, we offer a free no-obligation consultation.

There are many things that can go wrong when pursuing an insurance claim on your own. This is why a car accident lawyer Alexandria VA relies on can be very beneficial to you. Below are five things to avoid so that your insurance claim goes as smoothly as possible:

Five Things That Can Hurt Your Insurance Claim

1. Getting incorrect or incomplete information at the scene of the accident. In the chaotic moments immediately following an accident, thinking clearly may be challenging. This is generally understood by almost any car accident lawyer Alexandria VA clients contact for help. However, the information you collect can be a huge benefit to you and your attorney during the claims process. Not getting the following information can lead delays in payment or outright claim denial:

  • You did not get the contact information from the driver who caused the accident. This includes not only their name and phone number, but also their driver’s license number, physical address, and mailing address. Not having their complete contact information can make it difficult to track them down later if it isn’t included in the police report.
  • You did not get the contact information from any witnesses at the scene. Their testimony may be able to help your case should the process be delayed by questions of liability.
  • You did not get the insurance information from the other driver. This includes their insurance company’s name, address, phone number, and the other driver’s insurance policy number and date of expiration.
  • You did not get the other driver’s license plate number.
  • Nobody at the scene took photos of damages from the accident. Photos of the vehicles involved can later help prove the full extent of the damage. If possible, also take photos of your injuries as well as photos of the other driver.

2. Failure to seek immediate medical attention. Though you may feel fine immediately after the accident, shock and adrenaline can mask serious injuries. A reputable car accident lawyer in Alexandria VA may suggest that it’s important to get checked out by a medical professional not only for your well-being, but to document any medical damages caused by the accident. This can be of huge benefit to you during the claims process.

3. Discussing the accident with the at-fault driver’s insurance company before hiring an attorney. An experienced Alexandria VA car accident lawyer should advise you when and if the time is right to speak with the other driver’s insurance company. If you discuss your claim without consulting a legal professional, the insurance company may try to minimize your compensation. Their intention is to pay you as little as possible, or even nothing at all. They might use what you say against your claim or try to convince you to accept a low settlement amount before the extent of your damages are truly understood.

A car accident lawyer Alexandria VA believes in may advise you to not talk to them at all, and instead submit a written statement. Or, your attorney may want to talk to them on your behalf based on what is best for your claim.

4. Not double-checking your insurance company. The average car accident lawyer Alexandria VA personal injury victims rate highly for satisfaction has probably seen insurance companies make many mistakes. Here’s how those mistakes can hurt your insurance claim:

  1. Data entry mistakes on their part can cause them to deny your claim.
  2. The same data entry mistakes might cause the at-fault driver’s insurance company to deny your claim.
  3. If their records show higher than actual billing costs, this can put your claim total over the cap. This in turn can cause your claim to be denied or significantly delayed.
  4. If your personal information or address is incorrect, this can delay your payments.
  5. If their information regarding details of the accident are wrong, the at-fault insurance company may deny your claim.

5. Hiring the wrong lawyer. Not every car accident lawyer Alexandria VA has in town is qualified to handle your particular personal injury case. Consider these qualifications when choosing the right lawyer for you:

  • Do they have experience with personal injury cases? Cohen and Cohen has litigated more than 5,000 personal injury claims for their clients.
  • Do they have a successful record? Cohen and Cohen as won or settled more the $100 million in compensation for their clients.
  • Are they willing to talk through your questions before your hire them?  We invite you to meet with an attorney at Cohen and Cohen for a free no-obligation consultation. You can discuss the details of your case with one of our attorneys who could give you an honest assessment of how our firm can help you.

A Car Accident Lawyer Alexandria VA Knows Will Work Hard for Them

When you need a car accident lawyer who will fight hard for your rights, consider calling Cohen and Cohen. Our lawyers are highly experienced in recovering the highest settlement possible for our personal injury clients. We have done this successfully for more than 20 years. Call Cohen and Cohen today to arrange a free consultation with a car accident lawyer Alexandria VA accident victims have learned will work hard for them.

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