Can I sue a hospital for a hospital accident?

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Can Hospital Accident Lawyers Help Me Sue a Hospital for a Hospital Accident in Virginia?

hospital accident lawyers Tysons VAHospital accident lawyers Tysons, VA hospital accident victims and their families recommend may be able to help sue a hospital for compensation for injuries that were sustained by a patient in their facility.

A hospital has the legal, ethical, and moral responsibility to care for their patients and to provide them with the utmost in care and to ensure they are not further harmed by negligence or carelessness. However, hospitals often fail in their care of duty.

At Cohen & Cohen our hospital accident lawyers are very familiar with how patients often suffer while in the care of hospitals, and many even die unnecessarily. Medical malpractice ranks third for the most common cause of death. Many hospital accidents that are fatal could have been avoidable except they were not because of the negligence or carelessness of a medical professional. If you were injured in a hospital accident, you may have grounds for a civil lawsuit against those responsible for harming you. Discuss your case for free with our hospital accident lawyers who are licensed to practice in Tysons and throughout VA. They can determine if we may be able to help you pursue justifiable compensation for your injury.

Hospital Accident Lawsuits

Under certain circumstances, a victim who was injured in a hospital accident can pursue a civil lawsuit against the party or parties who were responsible for hurting them. A civil lawsuit is different from criminal charges for several reasons:

  • Criminal charges are brought against someone by a prosecutor after the person was arrested by a police officer, federal agent, or other law enforcement agent. A civil suit is brought against someone by a private individual or a company.
  • When someone is convicted of a criminal charge, they may be sentenced to jail or prison, assessed fines, and be punished in additional ways depending on the severity and nature of the crime. When someone loses a civil lawsuit, they are usually forced by the court to award the plaintiff (the party who initiated the lawsuit) a monetary award.

A good place to ask for legal advice about hospitals and medical malpractice claims is from hospital accident lawyers who are licensed to practice in Tysons, VA (or wherever the hospital accident occurred).

  • The standard of proof to establish the guilt of a defendant in a criminal trial is much higher than the standard of proof needed to establish that the defendant is guilty in a civil lawsuit.

A civil lawsuit is filed against an individual independent of criminal charges. This means that whether or not the person is charged with a crime, and whether or not they are found guilty, they can still be named as a defendant in a civil lawsuit. The decision of whether or not to file such a suit against a medical provider, and when the timing for pursuing it will be optimum, can be determined by your hospital accident lawyers from Cohen & Cohen who can help you with problems in Tysons and throughout VA. Call us today to schedule a no-obligation case review for which you will not be charged.

Learn More About Your Legal Options

If you were seriously injured in a hospital accident, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit against the physician or other medical provider responsible for your injury. Cohen & Cohen has a successful track record of representing victims who were injured in accidents for which they were not responsible. Contact us immediately to schedule a no-cost consult with our experienced hospital accident lawyers to find out how we might be able to help you.

For hospital accident lawyers Tysons, VA accident victims and their families can rely on, contact Cohen & Cohen today.

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