Can I Submit a Workers’ Compensation Claim for a Scaffolding Accident?

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Rockville, MD Workers Compensation Lawyers

Rockville MD workers compensation lawyersIf you or someone you love has been injured in a scaffolding accident in Maryland, it may be in your best interest to discuss your rights with Rockville, MD workers compensation lawyers.

Scaffolding is common equipment on construction sites, and it is also a common cause of serious injuries resulting from accidents. Injuries under these circumstances range from serious to fatal. If you were injured in a scaffolding accident, your injury claim may be denied or you may be offered a settlement that is far less than the cost of your medical treatment, if you do not have the help of reliable workers compensation lawyers who are licensed to practice in Rockville and throughout the state of MD.

Before you submit a workers compensation claim, contact Cohen & Cohen to discuss your case with a workers compensation lawyer. If you accept a benefits package or settlement before talking to us, you risk not getting the compensation you need for proper medical care and to replace your lost wages. At Cohen & Cohen, we have aggressively protected the rights of injured workers since we first opened our practice over 25 years ago. Our workers compensation lawyers are experienced at successfully defending construction accident victims and their families’ rights. Call us today to arrange a complimentary review of your case with our workers compensation lawyers who are licensed to practice in Rockville and throughout MD.

Workers Compensation Benefits

One of the keys to receiving maximum workers compensation benefits is to submit a fully documented claim. Our construction accident lawyers at Cohen & Cohen have a thorough understanding of what is necessary to get a timely claim approval. If you already submitted your claim but it was denied, we can review the reasons given and resubmit it with the required documentation and proof.

In situations where the workers compensation board refuses to offer a fair package that reflects the serious nature of your scaffolding accident injury, our Rockville, MD workers compensation lawyers will make every effort to negotiate a more substantial benefits package.

If your scaffolding accident was caused by a third-party, then your injury-related damages may not be covered by workers compensation. We can file a claim on your behalf with the third-party’s insurance carrier. If they refuse to honor your claim we will be prepared to escalate the claim to a lawsuit. You can count on our Rockville, MD workers compensation lawyers to protect your best interests.

Common Reasons for Scaffolding Failures Leading to Accidents

Scaffolding is intended to be strong but lightweight, and scalable to fit the size of the job. There may be multiple workers using it simultaneously, each with different tasks to perform. Each person who uses the scaffolding may place stress on the equipment in different ways and in different places. If one piece of safety gear fails, or even one person acts carelessly or negligently, it can put their coworkers in harm’s way. Here are some of the ways in which a scaffolding accident that warrants the need for workers compensation lawyers from Rockville, MD, or ones from the state you were injured in, can occur:

  • The scaffolding equipment was not assembled correctly.
  • Guardrails or safety lines were not in place.
  • A worker’s safety harness fails.
  • A bar on the scaffolding bends, breaks, or otherwise fails and the structure collapses in whole or in part.
  • Power lines are in close proximity and there is contact between a power line and a construction worker.
  • The scaffolding is not strong enough to hold the weight of the workers and/or their equipment.
  • A construction worker on a higher level of scaffolding drops a heavy object on a worker below him.
  • The foundation beneath the scaffolding equipment was not firm or strong enough to hold the structure’s weight.

If you or a loved one was hurt in a scaffolding accident, contact our office immediately. Request a free consult with one of the Rockville, MD workers compensation lawyers at Cohen & Cohen to learn your legal options.

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