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Can a Lawyer Help to Maximize a Car Accident Settlement?

Can a Lawyer Help to Maximize a Car Accident Settlement?

Can a Lawyer Help to Maximize a Car Accident SettlementA Frederick, MD auto accident lawyer may be able to maximize a car accident settlement by fighting for the compensation you are entitled to so that you don’t have to.

Car accidents can be devastating and usually come when you least expect them to. You may be driving your child to school, on your way home from work or going out for a fun night with friends. Before you know it, your entire plan has changed. Not only may your day be impacted, but the days, weeks, months and even years may forever change. When someone can be held liable for their actions, it may be in your best interest to pursue a car accident claim with the insurance company. For a victim, it’s not likely that you will have the legal knowledge to help you navigate the insurance claims process in the way that is needed to maximize your settlement.

At Cohen & Cohen, P.C., we may be able to help you value your settlement and maximize your compensation in a variety of ways: If you have been hurt in a Frederick, MD auto accident, it may be in your best interest to enlist the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer who knows how to help auto accident victims.

Case Reviews

Consultations provided by members of our legal team are perhaps the best starting point when pursuing a car accident case. You probably will have a number of questions regarding where to begin, what the process entails and whether you actually have a strong case. We can help provide clarity regarding our role in representing you while we carefully review your specific case. Our Frederick, MD auto accident lawyer will look to determine whether you may have a case that is strong enough to move forward with while also answering the many questions you likely have.

Gather the Right Evidence

One key component to a strong case that may result in a strong settlement offer is the evidence that we are able to present to the insurance company. Evidence that proves that you have suffered damages and losses can ultimately help to strengthen your case:

  • Proof of your injuries
  • Photographs of the accident and your injuries
  • Medical Bills
  • Police Reports
  • Medical Documentation
  • Proof that you followed your doctor’s recommendations
  • Your written account of what happened

Assigning Value to Your Case

Car accident lawyers are often savvy in determining the value of an injury claim. A Frederick, MD auto accident lawyer will review your case and the damages that you have suffered. Essentially there are three types of damages: economic, non economic and punitive damages. When accident victims attempt to value cases on their own, they may have a tendency to undervalue their losses. A lawyer will not only review your specific case, they will also be able to put the research forth in studying successful accident claims that are similar to your own.  

Negotiating with Insurance Companies

The insurance company will assign an insurance adjuster to your case. They will review all of the details surrounding the accident and the evidence they have been provided with. An insurance adjuster’s role is to pay as little as possible to a claimant. As a result, the initial offer you receive from them may be far lower than expected.

An experienced auto accident lawyer who is familiar with Frederick and other MD courts, can play a key role at this point when it comes to maximizing a settlement offer. The first offer isn’t always the last. Meaning, that there is likely to be a period of negotiations between the lawyer and insurance company. Not only may a lawyer be able to help in maximizing your settlement, they can help advise you regarding whether the offer on the table is a good one.  

Have you been injured in a car accident and are unsure of where to turn?

Does the idea of valuing your injuries and losses leave you feeling completely overwhelmed?

These are not uncommon feelings to experience following an accident. For legal guidance and representation you can rely on, contact Cohen & Cohen, P.C. We can work with you to review your case, take the lead in putting together a sound legal strategy and take the lead in negotiations. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary case review with us.

For a highly rated Frederick, MD auto accident lawyer, contact Cohen & Cohen, P.C. for a free case evaluation with no obligations.

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