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Burn Injury

Burn Injury Accident Attorneys in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia


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    Burn Injury

    Burn Injury Accident Attorneys in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia

    Burn Injury LawyerBurn injuries can be some of the most severe type of injuries, and many require a burn injury lawyer. Of all the cases we handle, cases involving burn injuries can be among the most extreme and catastrophic. The initial burn injury itself can be extremely painful and traumatizing. Recovery from serious burn injuries often requires extensive surgeries, such as skin grafts, and can be a slow and painful process. The risk of infection and other complications are high. Even when the injuries heal the victim can be left with a debilitating physical disabilities and disgorgement, as well as mental, emotional and physical scarring.

    • General burn injuries can be caused in various ways. Among these are:
    • Flame or fire
    • Hot liquids
    • Chemical/ Electrical Sources
    • Hot Surfaces

    A burn injury lawyer may be able to help in these cases. However, depending on the cause of the burn, the level of severity can change. While some damage is temporary, other burns can leave lifelong, permanent effects. A first-degree burn causes injury to the outer layer of skin only. Second-degree burns are more severe and can cause blistering and swelling Third-degree burns are the most severe and can cause tissue and nerve damage. No matter what the cause, or how severe the burn injury is, burn victims deserve compensation for injuries they sustain through another person’s fault.

    If you are involved burn injury lawsuit DC MD VA you may be looking for answers. It’s no secret that burn injuries can be traumatic events that involve long term and life-altering care and continued medical treatment. If you or a loved one has been in a burn accident or you have been severely burned in an accident, your focus should be on healing from the horrific ordeal, not having to fret about lost income and mounting bills.

    The people, person or company that is responsible for your burn injury may fight any attempt to collect compensation for the damage done to you. Insurance companies refuse to compensate you for your suffering or may try to nickel and dime you after your injury. An insurance company may also try to offer you a settlement that falls far below the compensation you amy deserve. An insurance company doesn’t often account for emotional pain and suffering or their long term medical bills. If you were injured in a burn injury accident Washington DC, you may want to contact an expert lawyer who has experience dealing with liability, negligence, product liability, and wrongful death. 

    A big issue with burn injury lawsuits is liability, determining who is responsible for the fire and subsequent burns determines who is liable for the accident. Perhaps your burn injury Washington DC is a result of the fact that there were no smoke detectors at a property you lived in. Or it’s possible that an office building did not provide a means to escape when there was a fire and you were injured as a result of that. If those examples happened, your property owner or building owner may be held responsible. Meanwhile, if you suffered burns because a product you were using caught on fire, the manufacturer or maker of the possibly faulty product may be the party who is liable. For example if a gas control valve’s safety shutoff future does not function properly, it might lead to a gas explosion, which results in severe burns. If that has happened to you, you may have a basis for making a claim. 

    Some people get a chemical burn after handling material in a dangerous way or being around someone who is handling material in a dangerous way. If someone spills a dangerous material on you that causes a burn injury, you may have a right to be compensated for your brain injury Washington DC. Additionally, chemical burns caused by one person misapplying chemicals such as a hair dye, which leads to the development of chemical burns, may then lead to a lawsuit.

    Contacting a burn injury lawyer Washington DC can help a victim, victims or the loved one of a victim or victims hold responsible parties accountable for a variety of errors, like improperly installed smoke detector, failure to train and supervise employees, faulty electrical wiring, Construction accidents, dangerously designed products, arson, chemical burns, office/apartment/workplace fires and inadequate emergency exits.

    Many people who have had a burn injury want to know who can sue for their burns. The truth is that anyone seriously burned as a direct result of some other person’s negligent act can sue because of their injuries. If you have any questions about brain injury lawyer Washington DC area, you may want to learn more about contacting a top brian injury lawyer Washington DC.

    There are different ways to classify burns. No matter what type, the Washington DC injury lawyers at Cohen & Cohen may be able to assist, regardless of the burn classification. Burns are classified as thermal, chemical, electrical, or radiological.

    Thermal Burns: Causes of thermal burns vary. Among the causes are:

    • Flammable liquids
    • Fire
    • Hot liquids
    • Exposure to hot surfaces

    There are also varying ways in which these accidents can occur. Accidents that can cause thermal burn injuries include:

    • Car accidents
    • House fires
    • Defective Products

    Chemical Burns: Chemical burns are also caused by various situations. The most common are:

    • Strong acids
    • Strong alkali substances

    Chemical burns can be difficult to treat and often cause severe injuries because damage continues until the chemical causing the burn is inactivated. These are some of the cases where a burn injury lawyer is most needed to defend a victim to such serious physical damage.

    Electrical Burns: Electrical burns can be caused by various electrical sources, both natural and manufactures. These include:

    • Lightning
    • Electrical appliances
    • Occupational hazards

    Electrical burns are caused primarily when an electrical current runs through the body. The degree of the electrical burn is dependent on the voltage of the currant, and often results in internal as well as external injuries.

    Radiological Burns: There is more than one way to be inflicted with a radiological burn. Ways in which radiological burns are caused can consist of:

    • Too much sun exposure
    • Medical treatments such as sunlamps
    • X-rays
    • Radiation therapy

    A burn injury lawyer can be used in these cases. Radiological burns are often the fault of a poorly practiced treatment and victims deserve adequate compensation.

    Like other types of catastrophic injury cases, burn cases are complex. They can require extensive testimony from experts on the issues of causation, appropriate treatment, the permanency of the injuries, and their likely long-term impact on the victim. To successfully litigate burn injury cases, your attorney should have experience, passion for representing the injured, and determination. If you or your loved one has suffered from a burn injury, call Cohen & Cohen and we will be happy to set you up with a burn injury lawyer on our team to fight for you to receive fair compensation.

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