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Boating Accident Law Firm Washington DC

Can Boating Accidents be Avoided in Washington, DC?

Boating Accident Law Firm Washington DCWhether you are setting sail, paddling or motoring from someplace in Washington DC or in its surrounding areas, be as careful as you can be to avoid an accident that causes injury, and to wind up in need of a boating accident law firm Washington, DC water enthusiasts and visitors recommend.

DC and its surrounding areas have thousands of miles of shoreline with hundreds of easily accessible and desirable destinations for boaters along the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay. Whether you prefer to pull up to the dock of a fine dining restaurant, or to go exploring historic towns, or more primitive, scenic islands and remote areas, DC has something for most people who like to be on or in the water.

There are plenty of places to swim, SCUBA, windsurf, kiteboard, water ski, and jetski to name some of the many activities DC has to offer to people who like to be in the water.

Unfortunately, it can take just one small moment of negligence for someone to cause an accident that warrants the need for a boating accident law firm that residents and visitors of Washington, DC can rely on.

What causes boating accidents?
There are many different causes for boating accidents. Even the most experienced captains and top water athletes can get into situations where an accident is unavoidable.

Negligence A key cause of boating accidents is negligence. This can be on the part of a boat operator or its passengers, or it can be the negligence of another watercraft operator, or a swimmer- really anyone who is in or on the water at the time of the accident. Even if a boat is not involved in an accident that happens on or near the water in Washington, DC, an accident victim may still need the help of a personal injury boating accident law firm that is experienced with maritime laws.

Weather Foul and inclement weather can cause boating accidents, especially when changes in weather are unexpected and/or people are caught in conditions they are unprepared for.

Collisions Accidents can occur when a water vessel collides with, another vessel or person in the water; something that is fixed or stationary such as a dock or buoy; runs aground a structure in the water such as a sand bank or reef; or crashes into land when going ashore.

Alcohol & Drugs Impairment from alcohol and other drugs, including prescription drugs, is a
contributing factor to many boating and water related accidents. If the party or parties that caused your boating or water accident were impaired, a Washington, DC personal injury law firm may be able to hold them accountable for your injuries.

Inexperience Whether it is operating a motor boat, sailing a sailboat, paddling a kayak, swimming, rafting, tidepooling, or many other water activities, a participant’s inexperience with these activities can often lead them into situations where they and/or others get hurt.

If you are in need of a highly rated boating accident law firm Washington, DC boaters and water enthusiasts trust, contact Cohen & Cohen, P.C. so that you can discuss your situation and get a free case evaluation with no obligations.

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