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Boating Accident Law Firm Virginia

Boating Accident Law Firm VirginiaEven though the number of boating accidents in Virginia went down in 2017 compared to the number in 2016, the need for a reliable boating accident law firm Virginia boating accident victims and their families can rely on is on the rise.

Boating in Virginia
Boating, other watercraft vessel enthusiasts, other water sport enthusiasts, and people who enjoy exploring shorelines and shallower bodies of water, have plenty to choose from when it comes to Virginia’s geography.

According to the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VDEQ) Virginia has:

  • 52,225 miles of rivers
  • 116,364 acres of inland lakes

According to the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) Virginia has:

  • 132 miles of coastline
  • 7,213 miles of shoreline if you include the tidal portions of Chesapeake Bay and
    its tributaries

2017 Virginia Boating Incident Summary
The following is information from the Department of Game & Inland Fisheries:

  • Over $300,000 in property damage
  • Number of incidents = 75
  • Number of vessels involved = 99
  • Number of injuries = 44
  • Number of fatalities = 13 (1 missing person presumed deceased)
    • Alcohol was a known factor in 38% of fatal accidents
    • Paddlecraft (canoes and kayaks) were involved in 38% of fatal incidents
    • 77% of fatalities were not wearing a life jacket

If you have been in a Virginia boating accident, you may be in need of a personal injury law firm that is experienced with successfully defending the rights of boating accident victims.

Virginia Boating Accident and Personal Injury Law
In Virginia it does not matter whether you were on land or water or what you were doing if someone is injured because of another person’s negligence, malice, or recklessness- the victim may be entitled to compensation for expenses that are the result of their injury. People may try to hold the negligent party or parties accountable for their actions by making them liable for these expenses through a personal injury claim.

This claim may initially go to the defendant (the negligent party) and/or their insurance company. Insurance companies are notorious for offering as little of a settlement as they can instead of what a victim may be entitled to. Many of these companies are large and powerful with a wealth of resources in place to help them to save money at the expense of others. This Is one of the many reasons that it is recommended that boating accident victims get the help of an experienced personal injury law firm with lawyers who know boating accident laws, early on in their claim.

Do you have to have to be in a boat to need a boating accident law firm?
You do not need to be in a boat to need a boating accident law firm. It only takes one, small move of negligence or recklessness on one person’s part to put people in the need of a good boating accident firm in Virginia. You may need a boating accident law firm if you were injured while doing any of the following activities:

  • Waterskiing
  • Jet Skiing
  • Fishing
  • Kayaking
  • Rafting
  • Swimming
  • Wading
  • Sailing
  • Motorboating
  • Speed boating
  • Pontooning
  • Windsurfing
  • Rowboating
  • Paddle boating

This list is not exhaustive of the many different activities that may warrant the need for a good boating accident law firm in Virginia.

For information from a highly rated boating accident law firm Virginia visitors and residents can rely on, contact Cohen & Cohen, P.C., for a free case consultation and evaluation.

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