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Bicycle Crashes and Lawsuits: Frequently Asked Questions

Bicycle accident lawyers Alexandria, VA residents trust have the answers

Bicycle accident lawyers Alexandria, VABicycle accident lawyers Alexandria, VA residents trust know all too well that if you are a road cyclist or if you have a loved one who is, you may be concerned about crashes. There is good reason for your concern. Although crashes are relatively uncommon, if they happen they can cause serious physical pain and injury. Additionally, they can cause serious financial injury if you need to repair or replace your bicycle. If you or someone you love has already been involved in a bicycle crash, you may be wondering if there is any legal recourse for the person who caused the accident. If this sounds like you, read the following frequently asked questions and answers from Alexandria, VA bicycle accident lawyers that provide some basic information about bicycle accident lawsuits:


  • Who Can I Sue? If you are injured in a bicycle crash you have a potential legal claim against anyone who caused the crash. A crash can be caused any number of ways. Perhaps the most obvious lawsuit is a case against the driver of a motor vehicle who made contact with you or who forced you into a dangerous maneuver ultimately resulting in a crash. You may also have a lawsuit against another cyclist or even a pedestrian who engaged in negligent actions causing your crash. Finally, even if you were the only person directly involved in the crash, you may have a lawsuit against the local government or other property manager if the terrain was kept in an unsafe condition. You may even have a legal claim against the manufacturer of your bicycle, helmet, or other safety equipment if their failure caused your crash or exacerbated your injury. Hiring bicycle accident lawyers Alexandria, VA residents count on may help you in this process.
  • Will My Lawsuit Be Successful? Whether you have a potential lawsuit and whether you have a good chance of winning that lawsuit are entirely different questions. Whether your lawsuit will be successful depends on the facts of your case. The major focus of the case will be on who, if anyone, acted “negligently.” “Negligence” is a legal term meaning failure to engage in reasonably safe behavior. This can mean violating local traffic laws or otherwise acting in such a way that is not reasonably safe. If you were also negligent in the crash, your case will likely be much weaker, though bicycle accident lawyers in Alexandria, VA will likely tell you that you may still stand a chance of success depending on the law of your state and locality.
  • How Do I Find an Attorney? If you are considering filing a lawsuit, it is important to consult with and hire a competent attorney. Make sure, however, that the attorney you hire has experience with bike crash personal injury law. It is important for your case that an attorney is familiar with local rules and regulations regarding bicyclists and motorists.


Being involved in a bicycle crash can be a life-altering event Seeking competent legal representation and filing a lawsuit may be the answer to getting the monetary compensation that you need to get your life back on track. Consider reaching out to  qualified bicycle accident lawyers Alexandria, VA residents rely on soon after a crash to discuss your case.

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