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Banker Drugged and Sexually Assaulted Woman

Date09 Sep 2019

Banker Drugged and Sexually Assaulted Woman

A woman has filed a lawsuit against Chicago banker Thomas Kane, accusing him of drugging her drink and sexually assaulting her while she was on a trip to Italy.

According to the lawsuit, Kane met Sahra Ilsa days before the alleged incident. Isla and her two friends had difficulty finding a hotel during the busy tourist season in Italy. Kane, who was friends with one of the women, offered for them to stay in a separate room in his hotel suite. They said yes.

A couple nights later, Kane and Isla went to a nightclub with her two friends and ordered drinks. Kane allegedly pressured Isla to drink more cocktails and brought her a second drink from the bar.

The lawsuit says that after Isla took a couple sips of the second drink, she started to feel very dizzy and tired. She could no longer even stand.

The suit accuses Kane of slipping something into Isla’s drink, causing her to black out. She woke up the following morning in Kane’s room, not on the sofa bed where she was sleeping before. Isla then realized that she had been sexually assaulted and Kane had already left for a return flight to the United States.

“It is clear from both the video and the still shots that [Isla] was not fully conscious and barely able to stand, and she certainly was in no position to consent to have contact of a sexual nature,” the lawsuit states.

The alleged incident caused Isla to cut her trip short. She saw a doctor and was diagnosed with chlamydia, which she allegedly contracted from Kane.

The lawsuit states that Isla is severely tramatized from the sexual assault and “feels paralyzed on a personal and professional level.”


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