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Baltimore, MD Auto Accident Lawyer

What do you do when more than one driver was responsible for your accident and injury?

What do you do when more than one driver was responsible for your accident and injuryAny Baltimore, MD auto accident lawyer knows all too well that a traumatic injury can be physically as well as mentally devastating. Seeking compensation for one’s injuries from those responsible can be challenging without the help of a seasoned car accident lawyer. The driver who caused the accident may not have insurance. Or, their insurance carrier might refuse to pay your damages for one reason or another. This can create a stressful circumstance because a serious injury usually requires expensive medical treatment. Additionally, the victim may not be able to earn income while they’re recovering from their injuries.

According to a Baltimore, MD auto accident lawyer, if more than two vehicles were involved in your accident, the difficulty of collecting compensation from the responsible party or parties can be compounded exponentially. When looking for a law firm to represent you, you should find a car accident lawyer who has the experience necessary to determine liability, file the necessary personal injury claims, and negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf.

Determining Liability

An insurance company will not compensate a claimant if there is any real doubt that their client’s negligence caused someone else’s injury. For this reason, an experienced car accident lawyer understands what is necessary to present a solid case and has the resources available to collect and analyze the available evidence to make that case. The necessity for providing evidence of liability holds true whether it’s a personal injury claim or a civil lawsuit. A skilled Baltimore, MD auto accident lawyer should have the capacity to accomplish the following:

  • Interview witnesses as well as the other drivers and document their testimony about who caused the accident and what happened.
  • Hire a forensic accident investigator who can examine the condition of the vehicles involved in the accident to help determine how it occurred. They can analyze evidence at the scene such as skid marks. An investigator can also return to the scene and document a reenactment of the accident.
  • If there is reason to believe that a defective part such as faulty brakes was a contributing cause of the accident, your car accident lawyer can conduct an investigation with the help of industry experts. Their conclusions can be included in your personal injury claim. If they determine that a parts manufacturer produced was at least partly responsible for the accident, they can be held liable.

Multiple Party Injury Claims and Lawsuits

An experienced Baltimore, MD auto accident lawyer may warn you that, in the aftermath of a multiple-party car accident, determining liability can be challenging. Once your car accident lawyer identifies which parties caused the accident, he or she may recommend that filing injury claims with each party’s insurance company is preferable to immediately filing lawsuits. This is usually a less costly as well as faster approach to getting the compensation the victim deserves. Multiple-party claims and lawsuits are complicated. It’s important to find a law firm that has the experience and resources that are necessary to handle claims and lawsuits of this nature.

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