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Aviation Accidents

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Airplane Accident Lawyers

Aviation Accidents

Aviation Accident Lawyer Services

While it is often said that air travel is safer than driving, aviation accidents do occur. The airplane crash lawyer Washington DC relies on is here to help with information about air travel and its associated risks. Air travel still presents significant risks that can be far more severe than an accident on the ground. Every time you board an airplane you are putting your life in the hands of hundreds of people you will never meet. You trust the pilot to be skilled and experienced and to get you where you need to go safely. You rely on the ground crew to be thorough in their preflight inspection. You expect the air traffic controller to be alert. You even trust the workers who built the plane to have tightened every rivet and checked every weld.

Aviation accidents can be caused by a wide variety of factors. Some of the ways an aviation accident can be caused are:

  • Errors by the flight crew
  • Faulty aircraft machinery
  • Weather
  • Poor maintenance of the airplane
  • Airport and air traffic control errors

Aviation Accident LawyerAir travel is one of the popular ways for people to transport themselves long distance. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, they regulate up to 2.5 million airline passengers every single day. Upwards of 27,00 flights are scheduled every day to carry eager passengers from destination to destination. Air travel also poses a risk to property damage. With 39.9 billion pounds of freight being transported annually, plane and jet accidents could result in the destruction of property. All of these millions of people who choose to fly are all at risk for the human and property cost of an aviation accident.

Because of the high risks of air travel, the aviation industry is regulated heavily at multiple levels of government. Many federal and state agencies are charged with some degree of oversight of air travel. For example, the Federal Aviation Administration oversees all non-military air traffic in the United States. They also keep reports on the aviation accidents and air traffic in order to try to prevent further problems from occurring. There are regional airport authorities who also have a job to ensure the well-being of passengers and airplane crew throughout the duration of all flights. All these people have a role in ensuring the safety of the aviation industry and that no accidents happen.

Despite this high level of regulation, air travel accidents do still occur. When they do, the results are too often tragic. These accidents are almost always fatal. It’s no secret that airplane crashes have the highest mortality rate per accident of any form of public transportation. Aviation accidents have a higher mortality rate than car accidents, truck accidents, and bus accidents. Yet, not every airplane accident is necessarily a disaster that makes the news.

If you have been injured through no fault of your own while traveling on an airplane or any other vehicle, you should contact the the automobile accident lawyer Washington DC trusts to find out if you are entitled to recover. The lawyers at Cohen & Cohen, P.C., have spent decades helping victims of aviation accidents get the compensation they deserve; call today to see if we can help you.

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