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Auto Accident Lawyer Wheaton MD

Auto Accident Lawyer Wheaton MDAn auto accident lawyer Wheaton MD offers may help accident victims recover the damages they deserve after getting injured through no fault of their own. The attorneys of Cohen & Cohen, P.C. have represented thousands of personal injury victims. In addition, our legal team has recovered millions of dollars on the behalf of our clients.

When you need a Wheaton MD auto accident lawyer who regularly settles insurance claims to help clients receive the damages they deserve, call Cohen & Cohen, P.C. Our attorneys are experienced trial lawyers who can pursue litigation against negligent drivers when necessary.

If you are looking for an auto accident lawyer in Wheaton MD, call us today to make an appointment for a free case review. In advance of meeting with an attorney, you may find the following information helpful.

Ten Questions to Ask an Auto Accident Lawyer

1. How do you charge clients? You might be hesitant to hire an auto accident lawyer Wheaton MD commuters recommend after getting injured by a negligent driver because of fiscal reasons. Usually auto accident lawyers, including the attorneys at Cohen & Cohen, P.C., don’t charge until or unless they reach a settlement on their client’s behalf or win the lawsuit if they take the case to trial. This is known as working on a contingency basis. Attorneys who work for a contingent fee typically charge a percentage of the total settlement negotiated with the insurance company. The percentage varies by legal firm, so it is helpful to clarify that rate before proceeding.

2. Will I have to pay court fees and other costs, or are they included in your fee? It is usually best to know what to expect beforehand, so don’t be shy about asking questions. An experienced auto accident lawyer Wheaton MD provides probably won’t mind addressing your questions or concerns.

3. Do I have grounds to sue the other driver? This is a common question, and it is one you will likely want to discuss in depth with an auto accident lawyer Wheaton MD residents turn to for legal advice. While every case is different, to win a civil suit against the other driver your attorney may need to prove the following:

  • Did the other driver act carelessly and cause the accident as a result?
  • Was the carelessness avoidable?
  • Did you suffer damages as a result of that avoidable accident?

4. Who should I file a claim against or take to court? This can vary considerably based on the circumstances. The main defendant may or may not be the other driver, depending on the cause of the accident. There may be several defendants who your attorney believes were negligible and contributed to your injury. For example, if the other driver’s car had a defective part which caused the driver to lose control and hit your vehicle, it’s possible that the part’s manufacturer could be held liable. After discussing your case with an auto accident lawyer Wheaton MD injury victims turn to for assistance, you will likely have a clear picture of who is negligible.

5. Is there a limit to how long I can wait before filing a lawsuit? Yes, which is why it’s important to contact an auto accident lawyer Wheaton MD residents rely on. He or she can make sure your case is filed before the statute of limitations expires.

6. How much of my medical bills and other costs from the accident can I recover from the responsible party? Potentially, you may be reimbursed in full for your medical costs, vehicle repairs, and other tangible losses along with costs for your pain and suffering. Prior to meeting with your lawyer for the first time, collect and organize your bills and receipts for any costs associated with your accident. He or she may want to review these documents early in the process of working on a settlement or lawsuit.

7. What can I do to help my case? In addition to making copies of the bills and receipts noted above, your attorney may need the following:

  • A copy of the police report of the accident.
  • Photographs of your vehicle’s damage as well as any other vehicles that were damaged in the accident.
  • Photographs of your injury or injuries immediately after the accident.
  • A copy of your auto insurance policy coverage.
  • If you’re losing work due to your injury, then your attorney may need copies of your most recent paycheck and a written account of how much work you have lost and how much you are paid when working.

8. Should I sue the other driver or settle with their insurance agency? The majority of auto accident cases are settled out of court. The process usually involves the defendant’s insurance company offering to settle your claim for a certain dollar amount. Typically, that initial offer is low and you may be able to negotiate a higher amount. An experienced auto accident lawyer Wheaton MD drivers recommend will likely have a very good idea of how high the insurance company is actually willing to settle for. Our attorneys at Cohen & Cohen, P.C. have years of experience, which helps them know what to expect of a particular settlement. If a reasonable settlement cannot be negotiated, our attorneys may pursue litigation. However, court cases tend to take longer and be more costly.

9. Do I need to have a lawyer to negotiate a settlement? No, you are not required to have an attorney. However, an experienced personal injury attorney may be able to come to terms faster and with a better result. In addition, when a personal injury victim is working with an attorney, insurance companies may want to settle in order to avoid an expensive trial.

10. How soon can I expect to recover my costs? If you have to pay for medical bills, you may wish to settle as soon as possible. When discussing your case with an attorney, explain the coverage you have and what timeframe will work best for you in pursuing restitution. As with most aspects of an accident claim or lawsuit, professional legal advice from your attorney will likely be your best resource for information.

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