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Aloe Vera Lawsuit Lawyer

Aloe Vera Lawsuit Lawyer DC, MD, and VA

Aloe Vera Lawsuit Lawyer DC, MD, and VAIf you are one of the many consumers who have been misled by falsely advertised aloe vera products, you may benefit from the help of an aloe vera lawsuit lawyer in DC, MD, and VA

In recent years, several aloe vera products manufacturers have come under fire for their products not containing as much aloe vera as they advertise, and in some cases, not containing any aloe vera at all. This has been confirmed by independent lab tests where the products in question have been found to not contain acemannan. Acemannan is a naturally occurring polysaccharide that is present in aloe vera and if a product does not contain any, it is a clear identifier that the product does not contain any actual aloe vera.

If you have been using a falsely advertised aloe vera product, a DC, MD, and/or VA aloe vera lawsuit lawyer may be able to help you seek compensation for the faulty product. There are aloe vera class action lawsuits that are trying to hold these dishonest companies accountable for their wrongs. You may want to join one. As well, your particular situation may warrant a need to file your own lawsuit independent of ones that are already underway. 

Many people are pursuing claims against aloe vera companies to hold them accountable for their wrongdoings and to get compensation for expenses that are related to the purchase and use of these falsely and misleadingly advertised products. 

If you have used any aloe vera products in the last several years, you may benefit from discussing your situation with a DC, MD, and/or VA aloe vera lawsuit lawyer.

Aloe Vera Lawsuit Claims

There are more than a few products whose labels claim that they contain such things as, “a blend of Aloe Vera Gel” or “100% pure aloe vera gel,” when they do not, in fact, contain the amounts of aloe vera that their labels indicate they contain.

In particular, it has been found that CVS products that claim they contain aloe vera do not contain any aloe vera at all. Not only do their labels falsely claim to contain aloe vera, independent lab tests show that their aloe vera labeled products do not list this but- they contain propylene glycol, a non-toxic form of antifreeze.

Many of these false, deceptive and misleading claims on aloe vera product labels and on their manufacturers’ websites and advertisements, etc. are in violation of the Federal Food, Drug & Cosmetics Act, as well as most state warranty, consumer protection, and product labeling laws. Many also claim that the difference between the product that the manufacturer makes promises on and the product that is actually being sold is significant. Without the active ingredient of acemannan from aloe vera in a product that is labeled as containing aloe vera, the value of the product is fully diminished.

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