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Alexandria VA Product Defect Lawyer

Alexandria, VA product defect lawyer

An Alexandria, VA product defect lawyer from Cohen and Cohen, P.C. knows that people get injured from faulty products all the time. By law, distributors, manufacturers, and designers have a duty to see that their products are safe for consumer use. But devastatingly, so many companies release flawed products into the world for profit, in which innocent people get gravely injured or perish. If you or someone you love was hurt because of an unsafe product, we advise reaching out today for help. Signs that a product may be defective include:

  • Product has broken component
  • Package did not come with instructions or warnings
  • The reviews for the item are rated low with complaints about safety
  • Product was recalled 
  • Toys for children appear to be a choking hazard

At our law firm, an Alexandria product defect lawyer in VA believes in holding manufacturers and other related parties accountable for their actions in releasing an unsafe product. We understand our role in being a source of legal insight, and are happy to provide a consultation as soon as you are available. We know how to protect our clients and use the law for their protection and benefit.

Not every product on the store shelf is going to be safe, even when used as directed. Always use caution when first using a product, read the directions thoroughly, and if something is not quite right about it, you may want to get rid of it and request a return, then file a report to the appropriate consumer agency.

If you were harmed by a product, you must keep the item and keep records such as medical documentation, property damage, pictures of injuries, and any other proof that supports your claims. A lawyer will review your evidence and the situation, then advise how to proceed further. Depending on the circumstances, you may have a strong case for pursuing a product liability lawsuit for financial restitution.

Cohen and Cohen, P.C.

You can trust when we say that our team is not afraid to go up against big companies. We have been able to obtain substantial compensation for our clients who have become victims because of defective products. We have seen people get taken advantage of by a corporate greed system that does not have the public’s best interests at heart.

You can rely on us to always have your health and wellness as the top priority. We work relentlessly for our clients and hope that if you have questions related to product liability and injury, that you contact an Alexandria, Virginia product defect lawyer from Cohen and Cohen, P.C. now.

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