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7 Ways to Keep Your Baby Safe

baby with teether in mouth under bathing towel at nurseryNewborns are susceptible to a lot of dangers—they can get hurt and sick very easily, and so it’s up to you, the new parent, to keep a watchful eye.  Here are some common proactive steps to keeping your baby healthy and safe:

  1. Don’t sleep with your baby

Most parents would love to co-sleep with their child—it’s intimate, and to be honest, many parents are just so tired, it seems like a dream to have your baby finally fall asleep after cradling them, and take a quick snooze yourself.  But don’t.  Co-sleeping is incredibly dangerous, as you could roll over while sleeping, and suffocate your child.

  1. Make sure your car seat is properly installed

You must keep your children in an age-appropriate car seat by law, but many parents overlook that there are multiple ways to mess up the installation.  Make sure that the car seat is actually secure, it shouldn’t move more than 1 inch around.  The straps can’t be too loose and in the correct position.  Don’t use any aftermarket products on the car seat like extra padding, as most of these haven’t been crash-tested.  There are many other simple mistakes in car seat installation.

  1. Be a stickler about hand-washing and cleanliness, including with other people.

Your baby can’t get the flu shot or other vaccines until a certain age, so they are very susceptible to germs and illness.  Wash your hands often, and make sure other people do too!  It’s not rude to ask they do, or not allow them to hold your baby at all.  Generally avoid sick people as well.  Your baby’s health depends on it.

  1. Avoid the risks associated with SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

Always put your baby to sleep on its back.  A baby can’t wake themselves up when they’re having trouble breathing, so putting them asleep on their stomach increases the risk of re-inhaling oxygen depleted air.

  1. Swaddle your baby.

This, too, reduces the risk of SIDS as it doesn’t easily allow your baby to flip onto their stomach.  It also keeps their warm and comforts them, entailing better sleep for the baby, less crying, and better sleep for you!

  1. After bath-time, make sure your baby is completely dry.

Focus especially on the creases, such as elbows, knees, and neck to prevent dry skin and infections.

  1. Once your baby becomes a toddler, secure ALL heavy furniture.

Furniture tip-overs have been shown to cause send 25,000 children to the ER each year.  Many children have died due to furniture falling on them.  Don’t have your child be a statistic; many furniture stores, such as Ikea, will come and secure your furniture for free.  There have been many product recalls due to tip-overs already, and million-dollar settlements from companies not warning consumers enough about their dangerous furniture.

Staying informed and up-to-date on these tips and product recalls can help you protect your child. Should anything happen, don’t hesitate to call the personal injury lawyer Washington DC trusts to see if you have a case.

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