Should I hire an attorney for my bicycle accident?

Frequently Asked Questions

Bike accident lawyers Montgomery County, MD have the answers you may need.

bike accident lawyers Montgomery County MDBike accident lawyers Montgomery County, MD residents trust know all too well that bicycle accidents are very common and can be fatal. Bikers often end up with severe brain trauma, spine injuries, bone fractures and even death after a collision. Bikers don’t have the protection of a car or the maneuverability of pedestrians often resulting in terrible injuries.

Bikers who are car accident victims do have legal rights which can help compensate for their medical bills, lost wages, and emotional suffering. Hiring an attorney is an important step to receiving the compensation you deserve.

Do you have a case?

Seeing if you actually have a case is a very important part of your decision of whether or not to hire bike accident lawyers in Montgomery County, MD. The first step to creating your case is to prove that your accident was caused by the negligence of another person. Additionally you also need evidence proving that you were not a fault. This involves proving you were driving in the cycling zone, following all the rules of the road and were sufficiently protected. If your cycling gear was not in top shape than your Bicycle manufacturer or repair person could also be at fault for your damages.

Proving other parties’ negligence

Proving that the other party is at fault for your accident can be very difficult. Some important factors that can support your case are eyewitness testimony, camera footage and passenger accounts which are all admissible by a court.

Bike accident lawyers in Montgomery County, MD may also inform you that if your accident occurred in areas like a school, park or hospital drivers are expected to observe “unusual care” so this factor could affect your case.

If children were involved

A “tender years” statutes says that young children are not expected to do anything and they should not be held accountable for contributory negligence. In other words, if a child or children played a role in your accident you can not put the blame on them and you will still have to prove that you were the safe driver and the other driver was not.

First steps after your accident

Bike accident lawyers in Montgomery County, MD will heavily advise to call 911 first and foremost. Calling 911 is very important for your case and health. First of all you should always be examined by a paramedic just to be save. Additionally calling 911 means the police will come and be able to fill out an incident report which can be used in court.

Another thing you should do after the accident is to try and gather the other drivers information such as their name, number and insurance information. After this take pictures and videos of the accident scene as more evidence for your case. The more evidence and proof you have to show to the jury, the better off you will be in court.


Different states have different time periods of when you can file your claim so it is important to take action now and begin the steps to ensure your compensation.

To find out if you have a case for your bicycle accident where the other person was at fault, talk to bike accident lawyers Montgomery County, MD residents trust at Cohen & Cohen today.

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