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Workers’ Compensation Attorney Baltimore, MD

How Can a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Help Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

workers' compensation attorney Baltimore MDIf you have been injured while at work or become ill because of conditions where you work, it may be in your best interest to get counsel from a workers’ compensation attorney Baltimore, MD workers recommend. Workers in the United States are fortunate to have workers’ compensation to help pay for injuries sustained while on the job but unfortunately, accepting workers’ compensation from an employer does not always take care of all of a victim’s physical, emotional, and financial needs. Depending on the specifics of your injury or illness and the situation that caused it, you might be better off seeking the compensation you deserve with the help of a workers’ compensation attorney that is licensed to practice in the state where your injury or illness occurred.

Workers’ Compensation: Frequently Asked Questions

What is workers compensation?

Workers compensation is essentially insurance for workers who have suffered injury or illness and are able to prove that it was a direct result of their employment or employer.

Who pays for workers compensation insurance?

In most states, employers are responsible for paying for workers compensation insurance. Under no circumstances should your employer require you to contribute financially to the overall cost of compensation insurance.

Who processes workers compensation claims?

The workers compensation board for the state which the claim was filed will process the subsequent workers compensation claim. The workers compensation board is a state agency, and if deemed necessary, the board can intervene to help determine what the specific insurer will be required to reimburse the claimant with regards to cash benefits, medical care, and will be able to specify the amounts that are payable.

How are claims paid? 

Following an injury or illness, claims are paid out if the employer or insurer determines or agrees that it is indeed work-related. When an employer or insurer disputes the claim, payment will be retained until a workers compensation judge decides who is right, the employer or the employee. 

If my claim is being disputed, am I eligible for disability benefits in the meantime?

Yes, in many cases – if your claim is being disputed by either your employer or the insurance company, you may be eligible for disability benefits. Additionally, If you can return to work but your injury prevents you from earning the same wages you once did, you may be entitled to various benefits that will help make up some of the difference. 

Do I need a lawyer for my workers’ compensation claim?

It largely depends on the severity of your illness or injury and whether your employer or the insurer is disputing your claim. In general, it is advisable to work with a lawyer due to the nature of workers compensation laws, which are confusing. For more complicated claims, having an experienced lawyer to advocate for you can prove to be invaluable.

For example, if your injury or illness has the potential to leave you permanently disabled – there is far more at stake than if the impact of your injury or illness is only temporary. It is advisable to contact a workers compensation attorney, especially for more severe cases. An experienced attorney will be able to help you get the maximum amount of benefits for your unique needs.

What benefits can I receive from workers’ compensation?

Benefit eligibility varies based on your injuries or illness, and the laws in your state. The variability of each state’s workers compensation laws is another reason people seek the assistance of a local workers compensation lawyer. Depending on the severity of your injury, you may be eligible to collect temporary disability benefits, which are typically two-thirds of your regular wages. If your injury or illness occurred in the state of Maryland, contact a local Baltimore, MD workers compensation lawyer for more specific advice and insight into the types of benefits you may be eligible for. 

Isn’t easier to accept workers’ compensation rather than hire a lawyer?

In some situations, the workers’ compensation that an employer offers an employee is sufficient for the employee’s injury or illness but unfortunately, this is often not the case.

If you have been offered workers’ insurance it may be a good idea to discuss your rights with a workers’ compensation attorney in Baltimore (or anyplace else in MD) before you accept. Accepting an offer may prohibit you from seeking compensation in the future, even if you continue to have problems that are the result of your workplace injury or illness.

Does my employer determine how much he or she needs to pay to get my treatment covered?

Even the most altruistic employers have to get their workers’ compensation insurance from an insurance company. This means that when an employee utilizes their employer’s workers compensation insurance, it is really the insurance company who determines what a workplace injury or illness victim will need to recover. Very often, workers’ compensation insurance requires victims to see only certain doctors who will then determine how much a patient’s overall treatment should cost. Oftentimes, what the insurance company determines is sufficient, is not enough to fully cover expenses related to the victim’s injury or illness.

One way to protect your financial future is by getting help from a reputable workers’ compensation attorney from Baltimore or the place in MD where your work related injury occurred, to help you to determine whether or not it is in your best interest to pursue a workers’ compensation claim or to accept what the workers’ compensation insurance company is offering you.

What should I get compensated for for a work related injury or illness?

Everybody’s work-related injury or illness and the kind of treatment it requires, is unique to their particular situation. It is a good idea to go to doctors that you know are qualified, to determine the best treatment plan and be able to give you a realistic estimate of how long it will take you to recover, possible future complications from your injury or illness, whether you will fully recover, etc. This combined with the help of an attorney who is experienced in successfully getting the maximum amount of compensation that their clients’ deserve, can help you determine how much your injury or illness might ultimately wind up costing.

Common Workers’ Compensation Mistakes to Avoid

If you suffered an injury while at work, you have the right to file a workers’ compensation claim. However, you have to follow proper procedures to obtain these benefits. Here are some workers’ compensation mistakes to avoid.

  • Failing to notify your employer about the accident. After you get injured at work, it is your responsibility to notify your employer. In Maryland, you are required to inform your employer within 10 days of the accident. If you wait too long to tell your boss, you may be ineligible to receive benefits.
  • Not getting prompt medical care. Even if you don’t feel too badly hurt after your work accident, you should still seek immediate medical care. Some injuries don’t present symptoms immediately and worsen over time. If you don’t get medication attention right away, your employer’s insurance company may argue that you weren’t truly hurt. 
  • Exaggerating your symptoms. When you see a doctor regarding your work injury, you must be completely honest. Don’t attempt to exaggerate your symptoms. If you are caught lying about your injury, your workers’ compensation claim may get rejected.
  • Failing to follow your doctor’s treatment plan. After diagnosing your injury, your doctor will recommend a treatment plan. Whether your doctor suggests physical therapy or medication, it is important to follow his or her advice. If you stop your treatment plan against your doctor’s advice, you may jeopardize your health and get your claim denied.
  • Neglecting to get a second opinion. Initially, your employer may require you to see a certain medical provider for your injury. However, if you’re not satisfied with the doctor’s treatment advice, you have the right to get a second opinion from a different doctor.
  • Not hiring an attorney. If you suffered a minor injury and your employer agrees that you got hurt at work, you might not need legal assistance. On the other hand, if you sustained a severe injury and your employer is not willing to offer you a fair settlement, it may be in your best interest to hire a skilled workers’ compensation attorney in Baltimore, MD. He or she will have extensive knowledge about the workers’ compensation laws in your state and handle negotiations with the insurance company. You have a better chance of receiving a fair settlement with a competent attorney on your side.

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