What is a medical malpractice claim?

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What is a medical malpractice claimThose who have been injured due to a mistake made on behalf of their doctor, may look to turn hospital accident lawyers College Park, MD residents trust for legal representation. When a doctor or medical staff commits an oversight or is outright negligent, the results can be hugely detrimental to the patient’s health. While the majority of people have faith in their doctor, there may be some situations in which the trust falters. If medical malpractice has happened to you or a loved one, it is highly recommended that you  seek assistance from a legal professional immediately. Trying to combat a health organization by yourself can prove futile.

There are many hospital accident lawyers in College Park, MD who have been protecting the rights of those who received poor standards of medical care for years. When searching for the right fit, you should seek out a law firm that understands how truly distressing it can be to suffer further injury or illness because your doctor made an error.

The Basis for Medical Malpractice

There are specific laws regarding medical malpractice cases which can vary by state, so it is important to speak with a local attorney for information based on where you live. There are also certain requirements that must be proven in order for a medical malpractice claim to have a solid foundation. According to hospital accident lawyers in College Park, MD, the factors that a patient and his or her attorney must prove in court are listed as follows:

  1. A Doctor-Patient Relationship was Established You must show that the relationship you had with your doctor was a true physician-patient dynamic (which means you had hired the doctor for care, and the doctor agreed). If a doctor saw you regarding a condition or injury and began treating you, then it is usually fairly easy to establish this relationship existed.
  2. The Doctor was Negligent in Regards to Care Being displeased with the results of your treatment does not mean the doctor can be automatically held liable for a medical malpractice accusation. As any experienced hospital accident lawyers in College Park, MD will tell you, it must be proven that the doctor was actually negligent in regards to a diagnosis and/or treatment. Those who file a medical malpractice lawsuit, have to show that the doctor caused you harm that would not have occurred if you were being treated by another competent doctor.
  3. The Fault of the Doctor Led to Patient Damages A patient does not have strong grounds for a lawsuit if the doctor’s actions did not lead to any injury or harm. Examples of types of harm the patient may have suffered due to negligence can include physical pain, medical bills, lost wages and mental agony.

Any hospital accident lawyers in College Park, MD you choose to hire should empathize with the anguish you may be going through. Perhaps your doctor had treated you for a very long time, and now had made a mistake which led to pain and injury. It can be disheartening to realize that a formerly respected doctor, committed such a crucial error. The law firm you use should firmly believe in doing what they can to help their clients seek compensation for medical malpractice. When our body suffers due to a doctor who should have known better, it can change our lives for the worse.

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