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Uber Driver May Sue Because of Abusive Passengers

Date16 Jul 2019

Uber Driver May Sue Because of Abusive PassengersZonya Robinson, an Uber driver who was allegedly sexually harassed and hit with beer bottles by passengers, is considering suing the rideshare company.

Last March, Robinson said she picked up one woman and three men outside of a nightclub in Fort Worth. When one of the men allegedly suggested that he would give her $100 to participate in a sexual situation, she pulled over and asked him to apologize. The female passenger said that she was sorry for what had just happened and then convinced the male to apologize. Robinson continued to drive.

“I told them that I knew they were inebriated but the conversation was going to remain professional, the conversation would end or the ride would end,” Robinson said.

However, the men started using racial epithets and when Robinson called them out on it, they said, “you people talk to each other like that all the time.”

Robinson decided to end the ride right there. She exited the vehicle to make sure that the passengers were out. She said two of the passengers got out and threw bottles at her. She said she blocked her face with her hands and that one of the bottles shattered on her hands, causing her to suffer deep cuts and excessive bleeding.

After that, Robinson got back in her car, locked the door and called the police as she drove away. The police responded right away and provided medical attention. They also found the men responsible for the assault and arrested them both.

On May 14, a grand jury indicted Konstantino Dean Garefos on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The grand jury decided not to pursue a case against the other man who was arrested, Jesse Towi Mosley.

Robinson said the glass bottles caused deep lacerations between her thumb and forefinger. The broken glass also caused a cut on her other hand, limiting the range of motion for her middle finger. She said she also lost feeling in her hands.

Robinson is considering filing a lawsuit against Uber, depending on how they respond to a complaint she filed weeks ago. She said that Uber needs to have a response team in every city.


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