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Burn Scars

Burn ScarsBurns and the resulting scarring is both traumatic and costly. Cases where victims of a burn suffer semi-permanent or permanent scarring should not be taken lightly.

While sometime you may be the cause of your own burn scarring — say, for example, you accidentally set your hand on a hot electrical stove — a lot of the time these scars are inflicted as a result of somebody else’s actions, whether it be deliberate or not. In other words, somebody else may be responsible for the cause of your injury which means they are also responsible for your fair compensation. In these cases, it is important to reach out to a burn scars law firm in order to receive help from experienced lawyers. At Cohen & Cohen, we believe that everyone deserves the right to their fair compensation and we will happily set you up with one of our skilled attorneys that have dealt with burn injuries before.

Burn scars result as a consequence of direct contact with the flame of a fire or hot surfaces. The scars that result are often permanent, and can cause lifelong disfigurement. This is because with burns, many of the skin cells die. Although there is not one way that they look, there are several commonalities among all cases of scarring. For example, most scars either show up on the skin as much darker than the natural pigment, or they result in the skin’s lack of color — either way, the skin color changes. Additionally, they can raise the skin to look bumpy, shiny, or even rough. Oftentimes the skin becomes thicker and tougher.

This also varies depending on the degree of the burn. While first degree burns may leave only semi-permanent scars, second and third degree burns usually result in much longer, even permanent damages to the body. In the large majority of burn cases, victims should seek out a doctor as fast as possible in order to be treated in the best way they can.

Why should I seek out a burn scars lawyer?

Enduring the pain of a burn scar is traumatic enough, but having to deal with the overwhelming paperwork and doctor’s bills is a nightmare. A burn scars lawyer can help assist you in getting your fair compensation in court if your injury was caused by somebody else. Experienced attorneys understand that a burn scar is not only painful, but can also alter your lifestyle. It can cause a loss of mobility, social outcasting, ongoing medical treatment, and even result in job loss. In between doctor’s visits, you shouldn’t have to worry about how you are going to be able to afford the injury you have suffered.

If you or your loved one believe you may have suffered from a burn scar as a result of somebody else, it may be in your best interest to reach out to a trusted burn scar and disfigurement law firm in order to have help in fighting for your fair compensation in court. If you feel that any of the above conditions apply to you, do not hesitate to contact Cohen & Cohen, P.C. and we can get you set up right away with one of the lawyers on our team that will not back down until you get the compensation you rightfully deserve.

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