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Bulging Discs – Neck & Back Injury Lawyer

Bulging Discs - Neck & Back Injury LawyerMost people don’t expect to have to need a bulging discs injury lawyer. Typically, when we think of bulging discs, we associate it with aging and a slow disfigurement of the spinal cord. While we are certainly more susceptible to natural bulging discs as we age, there are several circumstances in which other people’s actions and misconduct can cause you to suffer from a bulging disc at a much younger age. If you or someone you know believes to be suffering from bulging discs in either your neck or your back as a result of somebody else’s actions, it may be in your best interest to reach out to Cohen & Cohen, P.C., a group of skilled attorneys who have successfully served residents of Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, and the surrounding areas, who specialize in personal injury cases like these.

A lot of people may not even know what a bulging disc is. Medically speaking, a bulging disc — which usually occurs in either the neck or the back — is when disc in your spinal cord begins to protrude into your spinal column. Bulging discs are usually associated with an unnatural pressure on the surrounding nerves, and even pinched nerves. This can be extremely painful, and cause serious issues in your back and neck. The underlying issue with bulging discs is that there is damage to the spinal cord, which leads to more medical problems down the road if not treated properly.

While a bulging disc can be caused by natural growth, more often than not, in young people it is caused by somebody else’s negligent behavior or misconduct. Every case of bulging discs is different, and so there is not one way the injury is caused. However, there are certain circumstances which increase the likelihood of suffering from a bulging disc in your neck or back. Some of the most common ways you can suffer from a bulging disc injury that was caused by somebody else is in any accident on the road. Whether it be a car accident, a motorcycle accident, or a truck accident, the impact a major collision can have on your body is enough to disrupt your spinal cord and cause an early bulging disc to be present. Typically, these injuries only result from serious trauma to the body, so a minor crash likely would not cause anything too serious.

Other ways somebody else can be responsible for your development of bulging discs is in the workplace. Workers in fields that need to use intense lifting, bending, or even driving, are more susceptible to getting hurt at work overtime. The responsibility of the injury, then, may fall on the employer. Occupations such as construction work is a great example of this.

It is important if you suffer an injury because of somebody else’s actions that you receive fair compensation. Medical treatment is expensive, especially when you are talking about an injury as serious as a bulging disc. Trips to the hospital, doctor’s appointments, long-term medical care, physical therapy, and even surgeries all cost money. The financial burden of treating your injury should not fall on you.

Do not hesitate to reach out to Cohen & Cohen, P.C. and we will be more than happy to set you up with a skilled lawyer on our team who specializes in personal injury law, especially cases like these.

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