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David MacMillan

David MacMillan

David MacMillan, Senior Paralegal

David MacMillan (david@cohenandcohen.net) is a NALA© certified paralegal who has worked in the legal field for over twelve years. Before coming to Cohen & Cohen in February 2017, Mr. MacMillan worked as a staff paralegal and independent consultant for several law firms. He also has extensive technical experience, with a bachelor’s degree in physics, and spent three years acting as the field office liaison for energy enforcement at the United States Department of Transportation in Kansas City, Missouri.

Cohen & Cohen originally brought Mr. MacMillan on as the firm’s managing paralegal to assist their expert personal injury lawyers in running the large prelitigation department, focusing on Washington, DC car accidents and other serious injury cases. His role at the firm has expanded to management of the firm’s co-counsel network as well as marketing strategy and consulting.

In addition to his experience with personal injury law firms, Mr. MacMillan has worked in patent law, elder abuse, and regulatory compliance. Beyond law, he has written on science, culture, and policy for the Huffington Post and maintains an avid interest in public policy, technology, and space. He lives in the Washington, DC metro area with his wife and children and will be entering law school in the top 3% of applicants nationwide in fall 2019.


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