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Former NYPD File Lawsuit Against New York Post

Date12 Jul 2019

Former NYPD File Lawsuit Against New York PostTwo former NYPD officers associated with a bribery scandal have filed a lawsuit against the New York Post after the news source released an article about the cops having group sex with a prostitute.

The lawsuit stems from a private flight to Las Vegas on the weekend of the 2013 Super Bowl. Two Mayor de Blasio donors, Jona Rechnitz and Jeremy Reichberg, who showered police officers with gifts in exchange for official favors, were on the flight. Rechnitz’s friend Marco Franco, a prostitute, Gabi Grecko, and two cops, Deputy Inspector James “Jimmy” Grant and Det. Mike Milici were also aboard the plane.

According to federal prosecutors, Grant and others took advantage of Grecko’s services during the flight.

Grecko shared intimate details about the flight during an interview with the Post, including photos of her wearing a sexy stewardess costume. She also said she performed oral sex on every man on the flight and had sex with more than one of them at the same time.

Grant and Milici said in the lawsuit that the news source got it all wrong. “Never did Jimmy and me get naked on a plane and have group sex in front of other men,” Milici said.

Grant said that what actually happened on the plane wasn’t nearly as provocative as the Post made it out to be. He compared the trip to a bachelor party. Grant said there were crude jokes and drinks, but no public sex.

The two officers were both surprised that Grecko was aboard the flight. They said they both went into a small room in the back of the plane at one point, but there were no sexual acts.

Milici and Grant said that the alleged affair harmed their marriages and families.

“My wife and I have slept in separate bedrooms for three years,” Milici said.

The two officers are asking for $5 million in damages from the lawsuit.


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