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German Actress Sues Weinstein

Women Won't Put up with Sexual HarrassmentHarvey Weinstein can’t seem to stay out of the spotlight these days. The producer is facing yet another sexual lawsuit. German actress Emma Loman filed a lawsuit against Weinstein, accusing him of raping her in 2006 at a Cannes Film Festival.

The lawsuit claims that Loman went to Weinstein’s hotel suite in Cannes, France to talk about starring in his next film. However, he started making sexual advances toward her.

“Upon arriving at Weinstein’s suite, however, Weinstein quickly dropped his professional demeanor,” the lawsuit explains. “He instead overpowered Loman and raped her. Shocked and betrayed, Loman did not know what to do. Furthering Loman’s disorientation, Weinstein proceeded to treat the rape like a standard component of their business, as if the professional discussion he offered Loman had actually taken place.”

Loman also alleges that Weinstein threatened to ruin her career if she talked to anyone about what happened.

“Fearful both that no one would believe her and the potential retaliation from such a powerful figure, Loman stayed silent,” the lawsuit said. “It was only upon the late 2017 revelation of the scope of Weinstein’s wrongful actions . . . that Loman felt safe coming forward to seek redress for Weinstein’s rape of her.”

John G. Balestriere, the lawyer who is representing Loman, said that Loman has brought the lawsuit to seek justice for herself and encourage others who have had the same experiences to do the same.

More than 80 women have come out and accused Weinstein of sexual misconduct in the last year. He has pleaded not guilty in New York to six counts allegedly committed against three women. His next court date is on Sept. 20.

The accusations against Weinstein started the MeToo Movement, which encourages women to speak about their experiences with sexual assault and harassment.

With all the lawsuits Weinstein is facing, his insurers argued last month in court that they shouldn’t have to pay for his defense. They said the policies exclude coverage for “such blatantly egregious and intentionally harmful acts.”

Weinstein countersued his insurer Chubb and its affiliates for breach of contract and bad faith.

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